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Recommendations and referrals | Pregnancy in Mexico

Use this page as a quick reference for the information I have compiled about giving birth in Mexico. Feel free to contact via our contact page or by leaving a comment in the comment section if you have any further questions.

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4. My list of items to bring with you when you arrive in Mexico. 

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5. How to get your child's Mexican birth certificate.

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8. Vaccines in Mexico | Vaccinating your child in Mexico 

Doctor Laura Garcia, OBGYN and Doctor Raul Mora, Anesthesiologist‎

Doctor Recommendations - Puerto Vallarta

Pam Thompson, Health Care Resources of Puerto Vallarta, Medical Advisor

If you feel uncomfortable calling to make your own doctor appointments, or have questions about referrals and procedures, I highly recommend you contact Pam. You can contact her directly and she will call and make appointments for you. She can often get you in to see doctors faster than you could get in yourself. Very friendly. A wonderful resource.

Doctor Laura Garcia, OBGYN

Jacarandas No. 273

Col. Emiliano Zapata, Puerto Vallarta



Doctor Leticia Arechiga, Pediatrician

CornerStone Hospital

Av. los Tules #136

Puerto Vallarta

322-224-9400 ext 156


Doctor Patricia Garcia, Dermatologist

Jacarandas No. 273

Col. Emiliano Zapata, Puerto Vallarta



Doctor Juan Jose Olivares, Proctologist

Medica Vallarta

Avenida Los Tules #116

Plaza Caracol, Puerto Vallarta



Doctor Carlos Garcia Gutierrez, Urologist


Hospital Amerimed



Rentals and Real Estate

Maria Joaquina Sierra


Doctor Recommendations - Ensenada

Doctor Ricardo Fernandez, OBGYN

Avendia Ryerson #840

Ensenada, Mexico



Doctor Recommenations - La Paz

Doctor Viviana Paz-Soldan, Dentist

Encinas #975 (near Teatro de la Cuidad)

GREAT children's dentist



Doctor Alonso Flores Lopez, Pediatrician

Avenida Serdan #640

Between Republica and Manuel



Doctor Jose Hernandez, OBGYN

(Never used this doctor but he comes recommended from my dentist in La Paz).
Office: 612-122-14766
Cel: 612-134-8645

His office is in a clinic called: NUMEDE
Street address: Guillermo Prieto #1465
Cross street: Reforma
Located downtown (colonia centro)


My amazing doula, Amanda Seguin, with my daughter, Lyra.

Doula Services in Mexico

My doula, Amanda, is based out of Canada, but will travel for international clients. I highly recommend you have a doula for your own birth in Mexico.

Another traveling doula (who I have not used, but I love her site) is Erica Shane.

Natural Birth Services in Puerto Vallarta & Guadalajara

Partos Vallarta - offers birth classes, doula services, and connections to a Puerto Vallarta Midwife who does water births.

Contact Hania at

Phone: 322-120-7644

Nacer en Plenitude - in Guadalajara - offers a free standing birth center, connected with a hospital, midwives, doulas, and natural births.

Their Facebook link