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deadlift appreciation day

Today we will pay homage to one of the most important strength building exercises you can do: the deadlift

Primarily targeting your erector spinae, in a nutshell the deadlift will strengthen the parts of your back most likely to suffer injuries. If you've ever had lower back pain chances are you have (or had) a weak erector spinae. 

In addition to the jumble of muscles that extend from your butt up into your neck, the deadlift also touches these muscles: 

Gluteus Maximus (your butt)
Adductor Magnus (inside of your thigh)
Quadriceps (big thigh muscles)
Soleus (top calf, behind knee)
Hamstrings (big powerful contractors on back of thigh)
Gastrocnemius (calf muscle)
Trapezius, Middle (upper back)
Trapezius, Upper (upper back)
Levator Scapulae (sides of neck)
Rhomboids (deep upper back)
Rectus Abdominis (your abs!)
Obliques (ab sides)

Aside from Olympic lifts like the snatch (which incorporates a deadlift and an overhead squat), you'll be hard pressed to find an exercise that does a better job at strengthening your back. And if you're pressed for time, a single compound movement with so much benefit should form a pillar of your strength building routine.


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They also make you super hot and super strong ;)

November 12, 2010 | Registered CommenterCharlotte

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