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Unauthorized Guide to Sailing in Mexico

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an excellent watermaker website

During our last run out to the local islands off the southern Californian coast, I made some mental notes about equipping ourselves with a watermaker. It's not just for some misplaced sense of independence: watermakers cost thousands of dollars, are not a walk in the park to install, and require a lot of (basic) attention.

My primary reasons are because (a) hauling water from land via the dinghy and into the boat sucks even on a good day and (b) in a lot of small islands water costs ~$0.50/gallon.

I was really happy to find the website of Ishipaco's Guide to the PowerSurvivor Katadyn 40E, and would recommend it to anyone who owns one of these units or is thinking about it. From pre-installation plans all the way through maintenance for years of operation, Gary does a great job of breaking it down. Really a great resource.

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