baby onboard
Sunday, August 8, 2010 at 15:10
Eric in children, life aquatic

Tomorrow, our daughter Cora will be two weeks old. We spent the first week in the hospital, and the second week on the boat. So far we've been doing what most newborns and their parents do: sleep, eat, use the bathroom, and adjust.

For my non-parental friends and readers, most newborns wake up ever 2-3 hours, feed (you can't really call it "eating" yet) for ~30-45 minutes, and go back to sleep. In between there are a few moments of alertness, superseded by diaper changes, and cleaning up the little spills they make.

I took a month off of work, which has been great. Getting lots of boat work done, getting a chance to help with Cora, and breaking away from work for a little bit.

I'm sure I'll be writing more about the impact of having little Cora onboard shortly. Right now we're just getting a lot done and having some fun, and we've already seen several people who are quite supportive of Cora growing up on a boat, and others who aren't quite so helpful. 

But the things that matter are great. Cora's happy and healthy, Charlotte is, and the boat is still floating.


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