yes, you can workout with a newborn at home
Monday, August 9, 2010 at 14:11
Eric in children, fitness

I went for a terrific run today that I just had to share. Nothing magical and nothing you probably don't already know about, but it was great just the same. I've been training for a while for the America's Finest City Half Marathon (26.2/2=13.1), so my weekend runs have been getting longer and longer. Initially doing 5 miles was a lot, then pushing 7 or 8 was tough, and today I was able to belt out about ten and a half with a solid sprint at the end and felt great.

Exhausted afterwards and ready for a nap, but great none the less.

It's been a little challenging to maintain a running and lifting schedule with a two week old newborn (a week of which was spent in the hospital), but it's doable. In fact, I'm getting ready to throw the official bullshit flag on dads who get fat and lazy and blame their kids (or their new responsibilities, however you want to phrase it) for it.

Let me be clear, it's hard. For the last year or so I've religiously lifted weights 3-6 days a week, only stopping for actual injury recovery or planned rests (of which there have been three one-week periods in that year). I've run three days a week, again only stopping three times, to let some overuse injuries heal.

Since the delivery, my schedule has been much more erratic and hard to predict. Rather than having the well oiled schedule I did before, the sleepless nights that most newborn parents have to deal with turn every day into a dice roll, where you don't know how much energy you'll have the next day.

So some days when I can't make it to the gym, I do as many pushups as I can, throughout the day. Crunches can be done almost anywhere. Pullups on the campionway hatch. Lunges down the salon. It's not perfect, but it keeps the base alive and is much better than doing nothing. As is said around my workplace, the enemy of done is often perfect, meaning that just because you can't do something exactly the way you'd like to doesn't mean you shouldn't get it done regardless. As is often the case in life, if you wait for the lights to be green you'll be waiting your entire life.

So dads, get out there. Kick some ass, and make sure your kids grow up knowing that excuses don't work for them any better than they work for you.


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