(final?) thoughts on cleaning out the diesel tank
Sunday, September 12, 2010 at 22:35
Eric in diesel, maintenance

Just to orient my reader a bit, here's the link to the first blog post concerning this, and here's the link to the forum post I made as well. Basically, here's what I've learned about this whole thing:


On a philosophical note, this is another one of those jobs that I thought was going to be a lot harder than it was. I messed a few things up, and I'm sure I'll see some weeping where my RTV gaskets get shotty. But hey, the first time you do anything more complicated than a ham sandwich you're probably going to make some mistakes. 

Total money spent was about $7 for the RTV gasket material, and I suppose $1 or so in paper towels. Maybe another couple bucks in nitrile gloves and a buck of use of my vapor cartridges. So what, $10 or so? 

I learned what's inside my tank, I know how it works, and there's one less mysterious, spooky, and unknown aspect of our floating world.


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