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Unauthorized Guide to Sailing in Mexico

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well we're in mexico

Saw a pickup loaded with ski-masked cops in fatigues rocking M4 assault rifles. They waved hello at Cora as they drove past.

Boring passage but super taxing because it was right after spending a day hustling to leave. Plus, it was a non brain-dead route. Islands, rocks, shipping, and lobster season all stacked up. Four guys died a few months back when they slammed into North Coronado Island motoring with their autopilot on : just what we were doing. So when I saw the radar sweeps of the unlit rocks, I double checked my danger bearings and plots.

Slightly sleep deprived, we should be in fighting shape tomorrow.

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I have been following you blog since before you left San Diego. Enjoyed your posts in CF. I am happy to see you doing it. So many others find too many excuses not to.
Sounds like you are settling into the cruising life style. Your experience is building your confidence, that is obvious. Good to see your spirits rising. I know you will be happier and life will gain a more normal feel when you can be reunited with your family. I am sure you will find the passage to PV pleasant this time of year and you will enjoy La Cruz way more than Cabo.
I did the same trip in 99-00 on a 30' Tartan with my wife. We are planning on getting back to sea soon. For now, thanks for the opportunity to live vicariously through your adventures. My routine lately has become to check your blog right after my e-mails then hit craigs list and yahct world to keep abreast of boat prices while I enjoy my morning coffee here in Wichita KS. Don't ask how I got here, it is a 'full time with benefits' and false illusions of security type of story.
Hoping to be able to catch up one day and meet you and your family and share some of that fabulous street vendor fare. Oh, by the way, we never got sick from eating in Mex in over a year, however, got real sick from the seafood in a restaurant shortly after we returned to San Diego.
Be happy you are out there, be safe, and follow your instincts.

December 2, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterLarry Benson

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