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call me johnny fitness-seed

If you've read my blog before you know I'm "into fitness". It's a fairly lame term to be honest: people who drink water every day aren't necessarily "into water". They are both basic component parts of a healthy and functioning human body. You can't expect to live very long if you don't ingest fluids, nor will you have many long and happy years on Earth if you body is out of whack. I hate to break the bad news to you but the human body was never meant to sit on its ass for a dozen or more hours a day. Your hunger was not meant to be constantly sated. Our genetics are that of a rough-and-tumble genome with incredible athleticism. Find some other animals that can do some of these:


  • Walk, run, and swim for miles at a time, consecutively. And while we might not be the fastest on the land or in the sea we certainly make up for it with flexibility of terrain.
  • Climb up a horizontal rock wall with only hand and footholds.
  • Carry enough force in a well placed punch to break bone, brick, and wood.
  • Climb up a rope (or a vine).
  • Balance on a single leg while load bearing.
  • Throw objects an amazing distance coupled with devastating accuracy. This in particular shows not only our physical prowess but also how our powerful intellect combines with it to perform target-motion-analysis on the fly. Lacking any formal education in physics, humans are genetically capable of calculating the complex math around hitting a moving target with a projectile. Accuracy comes with practice, but find any other being, blood or machine, that can do the same. 


One thing I've enjoyed about pursuing fitness in Mexico is that it's allowed me to go beyond basic tourist status. A lot of it is pure logistics: routinely working out on the same piece of real estate for a few times a week gives you a good vantage point. Normally we're moving through the places we visit. But when you workout in a public place over and over again, you stay put and the surroundings come alive around you.

When scouting for a good workout site, top billing goes to a strong horizontal bar capable of supporting me dangling by my gymnast rings. Last week I found an optimal location: the plaza in the middle of La Cruz de Huanacaxtle. The crowd has been growing every day and today my fitness cup overfloweth with nearly thirty kids at top end showing me their chops with the rings and my jump rope. 

Health skills that can last you a life time aren't really taught in schools, and not a lot of parents pick up the slack. Kids don't know the difference between a carburetor and a carbohydrate, and I double dog dare most anyone to give me an accurate estimate of the amount of protein you've eaten today, in grams. 

So I'm really proud that some of the local kids are taking an interest in fitness and I think in the months ahead I'll start carving out a basic routine for the more committed attendees. I figure if the United States has indeed exported obesity, I'm happy that as an American I can help to export some of our culture's better angels.

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I feel you on the exercise! I CAN NOT wait to start living on a boat and traveling so I can do more things outside. Right now our lives are filled with work at a desk, work on the boat and trying to remain sane by relaxing some of the other time. Sure we could do more, but damnit we are tired.

I grew up with a Dad who always worked out and taught me the techniques early on. I still workout two days a week, but I'd like to do more and have at various times throughout my life. Those rings look like so much fun with the kiddos!

BTW I always try to get at least 100 grams of protein a day...Sometimes more depending if i'm pumping the iron.

December 30, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterDani

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