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living life in the bay of the dead

Charlotte and Cora, Rebel Heart in the background. Click to enlarge.We are here in Bahia de los Muertos, so named because permanent moorings in Spanish are called: muertos. So although "Bay of the Dead" sounds really spooky-awesome, a more accurate and less literal translation would be "Mooring Bay".

There used to be a silver mine here and a lot of ships would load silver from a nearby mine, thus requiring a pier and permanent moorings.

The mine ran dry and the name doesn't sit well with developers so it's been renamed to Bahia de los Suenos, or The Bay of Dreams. In 1885 a Chinese fishing boat wasn't allowed into La Paz because of Yellow Fever: 18 crewman died waiting in Bahia de los Muertos. So regardless of what future condo developers may want, there are indeed dead things in the bay no matter how you want to slice it.

The lower spreader bar is perfect for knocking out a set of pullups. Click to enlarge.For our first taste of Baja as a family things are pretty darn nice. We're, as usual, waiting on weather, so we decided to go the beach today and we tried out the new suncover. I initially crapped all over the idea of such a device but I stand corrected. It can make the difference between dying on the beach or hanging out happy for hours on end.

I spent the first few hours of today doing my job. It's been a real learning experience over the last couple of weeks. I've done three conference calls underway, two with my satellite phone, and another in cell range paralleling the coast. We were motoring in flat conditions so I dropped the RPMs down and went up onto the foredeck to get some quiet.

Hey bro, you want some dorado? Click to enlarge.Last but not least we waved to some guys in a panga who then came up on the beach and asked us if we wanted a kilo of mahi mahi (in the bag, not the fish he's holding).

The rather friendly guy had the coolest name in the world: Eric. He works for Beulah Fly Rods and has the horrible work schedule of spending two months in Baja taking clients fishing. 

The wind is gusting around 20 knots but there's only a 1/3 mile of fetch so no big thing and hopefully we'll have a nice peaceful night's rest.

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