what a la paz'atively great day
Thursday, May 9, 2013 at 18:31
Eric in fitness, mexico, rambling

Roughing it.Our immediate "let's get these things done in La Paz" list is getting short so last night and tonight Cora and I went off to reconnoiter. Two targets were high on our list: a place to exercise, and the general layout of our host city.

Last night we dinghied over to El Migote and explored an abandoned palapa. On the plus side it's got a roof and enough strength to support my gymnastic rings, but it was about 20 minutes to motor there and just like living in a city if you need to drive 20 minutes to get to the gym you're probably not going to go.

So instead we went down the malecon (mahl-eh-cone) today and found that the beach has a bunch of little palapas, is offset from the main street a bit, can have a dinghy beached easily, and is close to Rebel Heart's current position.

The bags are packed tomorrow to head to the "gym", which will consist solely of the 53lb kettlebell, a pad of leather, and some kicks for running around doing sprints in the sand. Oh, and my kick-ass sound system. So for any La Paz residents if you hear Tupac or Dre down on the beach tomorrow morning: sorry bros that's just how I roll. 

But for tonight half of our children are already asleep, the other is working on it, and things are good. I ended up reading all these horrible stories on wikipedia today and it sounds trite to say, but the difference between having your healthy family on a yacht in a tropical paradise and being all f'd up by circumstance or your own mistakes (or both) is a very thin line.

One car accident, one careless mistake, or a twist of fate through no fault of your own can seal you off from your dreams forever. 

For any of you readers out there that are in the mental, physical, or financial throws of trying to get a boat "out here", keep the faith and don't quit. It's not all peaches and cream down here but it is worth it. You've got the whole rest of your life to sit around not sailing.

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