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Unauthorized Guide to Sailing in Mexico

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another day spent living in the devil's a-hole

We're still sitting in La Paz, Baja Sur, Mexico. We got back from San Diego roughly two weeks ago and despite the paralyzing heat I have actually managed to get a few things done. The watermaker is installed and seems to be working just fine. The AIS transponder is installed and also seems to be working just fine

But the real job, the job that will get my man card punched or ripped up is the windvane. It's big, it's expensive, it's heavy, it's awkward, it requires fabricating custom things, and it has to be mounted in the most difficult of locations with the most solid of connections. The PVC in the picture above is simply so you can mount the entire thing without actually using any of the real tubing which would be entirely too difficult. 

Today however I reached a breaking point and informed my family that we would somewhere, anywhere, air conditioned in order to get away from the worst of the heat: the dreaded 2pm-5pm range where you literally sit in a pool of your own sweat. A nearby mall of sorts was the perfect destination. We got some groceries, they had 20 peso painting set ups for kids, we got lunch, and it was all done in glorious air conditioning.

Even better was that some friends of ours hit us up on the VHF and asked if we wanted to go over to the pools at the Costa Baja resort. Easily the most top end thing I've seen in Mexico, it was the iconic infinity pool with drinks served, lounge chairs in the water, and set directly on the beach so you're no more than 30' away from the ocean and a waiting jetski to zoom around on if you so desire.

So yes, today was one of those days when all the sweating, skinned knuckles, and odd tropical skin irritations are worth it.

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That's one wicked straw hat you're sporting!

Lifeguard hat! Those were stock issue for any Southern Californian life guard. $10 and other than looking like a south east Asian communist aggressor from the 60's, it's awesome.

August 6, 2013 | Registered CommenterEric

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