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Saturday, February 1, 2014 at 19:38
Eric in mexico, rambling

It's been a little... interesting... here on our blog. With all the talk of child molesters and abuse, my regular banal contributions to the Internet have seemed slightly out of place. But perhaps no one is looking and I can squeak out a nice mundane blog post that is not emotional, gripping, or even that interesting to be honest. 

Today is February which has special signifigance in our household (or boathold?) because we're planning on leaving in March. That means we have roughly a month and some change to get ready to cross three thousand miles of open ocean, spending perhaps thirty days underway. With two small children. 

What we're waiting for, basically, is for the area inside the black circle to look more like the area inside the red circle. Those hockey-stick looking things are the wind, with the handle (the long part) being the direction the wind is going towards. The blades on the end indicate the strength. One long blade is 10 knots, a half a blade is 5 knots. So a long blade with a short blade is 15 knots, two long blades is 20 knots, five long blades is 50 knots, etc. 

These are the trade winds and they strengthen in the spring, but it's not an exact science. Some years they start early, some years they're stronger, and some years they're weaker. Some years (el Nino), they're backwards. 

(above: my day job. conference is over, business clothes packed, waiting for a car and subsequent flight to another city)

It's funny because I have the same disbelief about leaving for the South Pacific that I did before we left for Mexico almost a year and a half ago. I don't really believe it will happen, but I make a list of things that need to get done and I start doing them. Then, you turn around and they're all done, or more likely, done-ish. The weather is good, the provisioned are packed, and there's not much else to do but slip the lines and take off. 

30-45 days to go. I've been up in the USA for a week on business and it's a really weird feeling to know that the next time I come back it will probably be on jet airplane that has to cross over the Pacific.

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