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me and my little buddy

My friend Carlos gave us a ride to a store that sold "panga tanks". If you'e sailed in Mexico, you know these things. Five bucks, fifty liters, surprisingly durable.

Where I go, she goes: me and Cora. 

Cora and I have been glued to each other for the last year or so. Ever since Lyra showed up we, like many parents I would assume, divide and conquer. It's hard working on a boat project with one small child, it's virtually impossible with two. So when I need to go somewhere or do something I bring Cora because otherwise Charlotte would be dealing with two kids while I get to haul ass around and be independent: kind of a dick move.

Fortunately, I really like Cora. She's funny, nice, and tries really hard to always do the right thing. I think because I do so many grown-up projects with her that I sometimes forget she's three years old. I caught myself getting frustrated because she didn't know the difference between a socket and a box wrench. It's odd sometimes to traverse adult-level challenges and then hear a no-punch-line joke about poop from someone with hand-drawn tiger stripes on her knees. 

She routinely walked miles with in the Baja summer heat. She's been on bouncy bus rides, airplanes, multiple boats, and slept in a dozen beds. She always wants to help me. She loves her mom. She really loves her sister and those two are adorable together.

In the last year if you've seen me for more than five minutes, chances are good that Cora was there with me. Possibly picking flowers, telling you about her day, or asking if you like her dress. 

Cora and I zooming out to Rebel Heart in Puerto Escondido.

Cora and I have been to parties together. We've gone to the beach together. We've had take-out on the sand together. We've gone paddleboarding together. Surfing together. Swimming together. To a waterpark together. To movies together. To the plaza together. To workout together. To my job together. Worked on the boat together. She sailed through a gale at four months old and has crossed the Sea of Cortez twice (as has her sister and mom).

So little buddy when you read this in the future, just know you've been a dynamite kid.


watching cora grow up

Cora's first birthday.Tonight I got the chance to hang out with my daughter for most of the evening, just the two of us. Because of my schedule and Cora's current desire to hang out with Charlotte all the time it's actually pretty rare for Cora and I to spend an evening together alone.

Because I don't get a chance to really "bond" with her (I can't believe I'm using that word) often, when I do the differences are really profound. I see her almost every day, but the bonding part really only happens every month. It's sort of like cartoons written out page by page on the corners of a paperback book. There are definite frames that I see with a fracturing that keeps it from being perfectly linear. 

The disjointedness between the frames, the pronounced difference from one snapshot to the next. Like a figure moving in the dark, it's the actual movement that draws focus.

So Cora, I write this to the future you in the hopes that you read it one day. Getting a chance to spend a nice evening with my daughter is one of my favorite things to do. As much as I'm scared of you growing up fast, I'm so excited for you to learn about this world and all the wonderful things in it.