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{ Crowdsourcing an apartment or house }

The crew of Rebel Heart is looking for a house/apartment/cottage/granny flat in San Diego. We are huge proponents of "living small," also called "tiny living," so we are not necessarily looking for a 2 bedroom, though many landlords prefer to only rent a 2 bedroom + to a family of four like us. (Two adults + two small children.)

Our biggest desire is to find a place with a safe, fenced in yard for the girls to play in. The second biggest thing is that the place is very close to downtown. The neighborhoods of Golden Hill, Sherman Heights, Barrio Logan, East Village, Hillcrest, Banker's Hill, or South Park would be ideal. Our price range tops out at $1,600/month.

If you know of a place, or have a place, or can recommend us to a landlord who is renting something like this, please contact us directly or through our contact page. You can read more about how we have maximized our current studio here and of course, all of my posts about life on a sailboat here. Thank you!


Getting Crafty | Custom Animal Pillow for Lyra

Lyra has the most expressive face. I don't know what she was scowling about, but even her scowly faces make me giggle.

When I saw this fabric I knew it was time to make Lyra her own special pillow. She loves animals and the noise they make. Her favorite book is Brown Bear and her favorite thing is hearing her whole family voice the sounds each animal makes in it.

"Lyra, I made this for you. It is your special pillow."

She took about one second to realize what that meant and then she claimed it for her own by:

And then hugging it:

After losing all the special things I made for the girls on Rebel Heart, it is nice to start making special things anew.

And she always includes her pillow in their playtime.

When Lyra gets excited, she does this leg kick thing. I'm gonna say she gets that from me :)

That's my girl!


Front view: 

Side view:

Back view:

This is her 'thanks, mom' face <3

What fun things have you made today?


Cora and her original songs | I Am a Pirate Lady

Cora has a knack for making up lovely songs. Songs with original lyrics that are catchy and endearing. She even throws in sophisticated stuff like choruses and refrains.

I give you an impromptu Cora song, with Lyra cheesing it up. I've transcribed the song below the video (some of the words are made up, she likes to talk in made up languages):


I Am a Pirate Lady, by Cora Kaufman
We are pirates of a pirate show
Pirate show is fun to be seen 
We are on the pirate ship together as a family
We have a pirate baby 
Who can talk and sleep all day!
She can everywhere she can see
Cere ne me querdiambere!!
You will never take some, we see
We can jump in the water with divers
We can get up on our boat, wet
We can dry ourselves off with water
And then we can rinse off ourselves with towels
We have all kinds of things to tell you
We are a beautiful flamily in the day
Can you tell us in (interrupted)
I am a beautiful girl in the world
I am a pirate lady
She's a pirate lady too
I like the wind in the morning
Lyra's turning it but it always comes out of her butt (lol)
I love hanging out with my sister all week
I just love doing this all week
On the shore
(I'll sing my song all the way over there).
On my boat
But I don't want to leave my boat, so I just stand.
I love hanging out with my sister all week.
We just have to come out here all week.



#kidsonboats | Rebel Heart Strong t-shirts for TOML-Foundation

It took me awhile, but I was finally able to set up a site to make Rebel Heart Strong and #kidsonboats t-shirts online. 

{ Shop Rebel Heart Strong and directly support TOML-Foundation. }

All of the proceeds from sales of these t-shirts go directly to TOML-Foundation. None of the funds are handled by us. The proceeds are sent directly to TOML-Foundation's PayPal account: info@thatothersmaylive.org

The #kidsonboats hash tag is in reference to the outpouring of support we were shown during and after the rescue. If you go to Twitter and type in #kidsonboats, you'll see what I mean.

A day before we stepped ashore in San Diego again, the sailing community published this YouTube video, in solidarity, showing the multitude of children and families who live on boats and sail with their kids:

Eric and I have been focused on ways to give back to the airmen who helped our daughter. One of the Pararescuemen suggested supporting That Others May Live Foundation (TOML-F), which is a non-profit charitable organization that directly supports the families of USAF rescue personnel who are injured or killed in the line of duty.

So many of our friends rallied behind the 'Keep Calm' phraseology during the ordeal that I wanted to give a nod to that as well. And wear it with pride. So the store has Keep Calm and Rebel Heart Strong in different formats, all with sailboats instead of the classic crowns.

And for the ladies, there are options that will actually fit you. I know all too well what it's like to 'buy a t-shirt' when all they have are men’s sizes. No thanks.

And lots of kids’ options too.

The best part about the site we are using is that if you pick anything in the shop, you can customize it to your heart's content. Change the size, shape, color, style, etc, but if you start at our site through the customization process, funds will still go directly to TOML-Foundation when you purchase. That's a win in my book. You get exactly what you want, and they get donations.

I have met a lot of women, and teenagers, in my travels who have told me that people assume they don't know how to sail. Here's a design with you in mind. 

#kidsonboats - Take your kids sailing!

What you buy could help men like these, and their families. So Keep Calm, and buy a t-shirt, a mug, a tote-bag; you get the picture.


For the guys.

My favorite pairing.

Shop Rebel Heart Strong

or donate directly at

That Others May Live

Their charity tax ID is #88-0487308. The TOML- Foundation has all of their tax documents and audits on their website for total transparency. Also of note, they have extremely low overhead - 5% according to their recent filings.


{Looking for other sites that offer fantastic products and donate directly to That Others May Live Foundation?

Check out this toy sailboat from Small Life Studio and these stationary sets from Quinn and Lane Designs.} 


How to add hanging closet space in a studio | Tiny House

The girls' bedroom is our studio's closet. There is no way around that, and we love that we've used the space to that effect. It does mean that we don't have hanging closet space for any clothes or jackets though.

Instead of using the closet space in the girls' "room," I looked ceiling-ward for more space.

Right here:

And, just like living on a boat, I then had to squeeze myself up into that space, with Eric handing me anything I forgot (like drill bits).

Up, up, and away!

And in no time, I had installed a closet rod holder and dowel going perpendicular to the traditional length of the closet.

I found one of these handy closet reach hook thing-a-migs and Bob's-your-uncle, I had a functional loft space for closet storage. Organize it all, Easy Reach Hook.

I bought one pack each of space saving hangers in the adult size and the kid size, but once we had sorted out our life-on-land clothes, I found I used less than half of the space I had created.

Hanging up now: our winter jackets, one fancy skirt, and three dresses.

I promptly got to work utilizing all of the rest of the space in the upper closet for storage.

And then I tried to hang a hook on the other side of the closet for the long-armed easy reach clothes-hook to rest on.

But when I drilled into the wall on that side, it was very crumbly. Too crumbly for my tastes. I started getting worried about having anything on the shelf above the girls. Who knew the state of the walls holding up the upper shelf? I would be horrified if any weight from the shelf caused it to fall down on them as they slept or played. 

No, thank you. Plus, this is California, so earthquakes are a real possibility and I wouldn't want things to fall down on them from the shelf in any situation.


So now the shelf holds one empty suitcase and the head rests from the back seats of our car (not in use due to the girls' being in car seats.)

I also keep a few spare blankets up top, but that is it. 

Less is more. It helped me clear out the things we really didn't need and find places elsewhere for the things I did want to keep. Easy peasy. 

Happy tiny house living!


Custom Bimini Boot for Fountaine Pajot Tobago Catamaran

This client did not have a bimini installed yet and wasn't sure when he would install one. He had the bimini arches secured with zip ties but didn't like how the arches looked naked, so I created this streamlined bimini boot for him.

Ooooh, give me those straight, neat stitches and crisp, folded Sunbrella.

If you had told me when I was a child that I would find incredible joy in sewing marine canvas, I would have thought you were super weird. Funny how life can take you places you never could have imagined as a kid.

My dock hands and sewing buddies.

Traditional bimini boots cap the ends and then hang down; I think they look loose and baggy. I suggested he leave the ends uncapped and that I'd make the fabric fit snugly, hugging all three arches.

Sunbrella pleats like a dream.

The fabric featured is Sunbrella Tuscan marine grade fabric. I used my Sailrite LSZ-1 for this project.

Happy sailing!