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Taking Tests is Tiring (Alliteration!)

Took the CSET today (California Subject Examinations for Teachers). I studied approximately 60 hours for it over the course of 3 weeks. I’m exhausted. I feel pretty confident that I passed but unfortunately I won’t get the results until April 16th.

April should be a big month. Taxes (ugh). I get the results of the CSET. I find out if I get accepted into a teaching program I’m looking into and… Eric and I just might decide to move onto the boat. And I mean move onto the boat soon.

We’ve always known we’d move aboard prior to taking our trip around the world but as we’ve been reviewing finances lately all signs have been pointing toward really paring down our lifestyle and the boat seems to be calling our name.

This creates big questions. Questions I didn’t think I’d have to be answering so soon. What do I do about my dog? Hank is a 60 pound Olde English Bulldogge who I love dearly. He’s also big, clumsy and sheds like crazy. Hank was in my life before the boat and the sailing trip was in my life. If I had known about the trip I might have thought twice about bringing him into my life. Hank doesn’t really work on a boat. He’s a big, loveable oaf. I love him, but where does he go? Who does he live with? Who will love him like I will? Tomorrow he will be 3 years old. Hmm. This topic makes me sad.

Enough for now, here’s a pic of me and Hank. If you have any suggestions or know of a good home, let me know.

Charlotte and Hank.jpg

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Charlotte, the thing with dogs is that they are happy if and when they are with their master(s). So you would be amazed at how well Hank would adapt.
BUT! cruising with a dog is not easy. Especially a shedding dog. We had more than one argument, my ex and I, about the hair our Schipperke left all over and that carried the danger of clogging the filters. And it can be pretty tedious to take the dog to shore all the time. We had trained ours to do on the deck and she could spend a week without going on shore. She learned to stand at the bow of the dinghy and jump in the water at least 500 ft before the shore. We liked that she was a good guardian. We could leave the boat and feel safer that no one would board the boat. Someone made a comment to us one day that nobody would come and steal from us because of the dog hehehe.
But still, I would probably NOT get another dog, or cat, next time I leave. ( I used to have both). But dont let Hank prevent you from moving early on board.
That's my 2 cents

March 21, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterCelyne

Well, let me add another crazy aspect to this. We do have another dog, and it's mine, and it's a Schipperke. She lived with me on my previous boat (Ericson 32). I love that little dog, and Charlotte isn't quite so fond of her as I. We're going to give it a shot with my dog, and see how it pans out. It's cumbersome, as you said, but I'm hopeful. We'll see.

March 23, 2007 | Unregistered Commentereric

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