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I think we're getting there

Things are slowly staring to normalize on ye olde Rebel Heart.  It's starting to feel like home when I think of it. It's starting to feel normal to go to sleep in the V-berth. 

One thing that has helped a lot is getting a bike. Eric got a Dahon folding bike . It is awesome. We're going to get two, but for the time being we share. Eric is under the weather today so I hopped on the bike and went to Von's to get him some orange juice, then I headed to Santana's and then the local (well, one of many) liquor store. I LOVED the freedom of the bike. Everything in Point Loma is relatively close, but it's far enough away to make you really feel like your schlepping around if you have to go to more than one place at a pop. With the bike it was a breeze. I have to work tomorrow, so I'm going to commute on the bike for the first time. It will be cool to see how it goes. I'm hoping I can make it a habit.

Head lamps are key on boats
  Here's  a pic of Eric being sick on the boat :) He was in the side berth for awhile (notice his excellent reading choice!) For those of you who don't know of Lin and Larry Pardey, I highly suggest you check out their books.  They have written a ton, and have done an INCREDIBLE amount of sailing in their lifetime (and they're not done yet!)  My favorite is the Care and Feeding of the Sailing Crew.  Eric likes the Cost Conscious Cruiser

1161984-929119-thumbnail.jpgI like Lin and Larry because they're simple, straightforward and honest. They're incredible sailors, and good writers.  Here's a picture of them when they were just getting started.
I like how she's looking at him with such adoration.  It's inspiring to see people who are still partners after years and years. 

After all my griping and grousing about this move, I have to admit that I'm really starting to feel better. I think one thing we did right, is to not try to mix in sailing with this time period.  Sailing stresses me out. I enjoy it, don't get me wrong, but I'm still very new to it, and the whole process of docking, sailing, maneuvering through the bay, etc, can really stress me out. Thank goodness that we haven't tried to figure out how to live aboard and go sailing at the same time. If I could offer any advice to someone moving aboard for the first time - take it slow!  If I could have, I would not have taken such a stressful position at work while we were doing this move. That would have drastically changed how the move went. But hindsight is always 20/20, and bills need to get paid. If you can set up a perfect transition to living aboard, I'd highly suggest going step by step.

Here's to hopefully getting the swing of things!!

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