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A Very Kaufman Thanksgiving

You know who writes about their Thanksgiving in January? I do. Why? Well November was filled with trying to write a book in 30 days and December was my busiest month since I opened my own business

Don't get me wrong, both of these were both very good things, but they left zero time for things like blogging about our awesome Thanksgiving trip to Catalina.

We stayed at the Hotel Catalina in one of their rooms with a kitchenette.

The place was gigantic. And it had a shower. And a couch. Two of them.

For boat dwellers, we felt like we were staying in the Ritz.

There was a real sink, with hot, running water. Oh, and a full-sized fridge with a FREEZER. 

I immediately went to the store and bought Ben & Jerry's. Then I ate some every night for dessert.

The view from our room was awesome. My shoulders are relaxing just looking at that photo again.

Cora settled right in. She whirled her arms in circles with all the free space available in the apartment. 

And then....she discovered the remote controls.

We don't have a TV on the boat, nor do we have remotes.

There were four of them. FOUR! Since we never let her play with phones, or laptops, or the like, when we handed her the remotes to go crazy with, she carried them around as if they were her own special treasure.

If she could have carried all four AND drunk her milk at the same time, she would have.

I could honestly post 10 more pictures of Cora playing with the remotes. The kid was entranced. 

Oooh see that crib behind her? 

It's a Phil & Ted's Traveller Crib. It's super lightweight and easy to assemble. Thank you to our friend Tita for letting us borrow it!

Cora had her first taste of ice cream.

She was into it for about 2 seconds. Then the seagull you see behind my head caught her attention and she moved on.

Thanksgiving dinner was about as low stress as possible (besides that little freak out by Miss Cora Bear above.) Chicken salad, butternut squash soup, wine, and ice cream for dessert.

That's my kind of holiday. We're making it a Kaufman family tradition to get out of dodge for either Thanksgiving or Christmas every year. Soo much more relaxing!

A special thanks to our babysitter (and friend) Taylor who came out for the last part of the weekend to help watch Cora. I have to give a hats off to Eric for thinking of that idea. Major husband points right there. I'll be writing another post about having Taylor along over on www.finchfound.com soon.

My favorite parts of the holiday?

1) Hanging out with these two.

2) Relaxing on a REAL couch.

3) And being in Avalon. I LOVE that town.

Happy Thanksgiving (in January) everyone!

Reader Comments (4)

Wow! What a beautiful place!! Its so hilarious how remotes are so interesting to little ones! John loves ours too. We have the Phil and teds playpen and once you figure out how to put it together it's great. I find it hard to get back into the bag though. But love how light weight and portable it is and love the side opening too. You have a beautiful family!

January 8, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterKarlee

I love thanksgiving in January! A great idea!

January 8, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterAmanda

i really do love your blog, dang to live on a boat!, thus,

you’ve been awarded “the versatile blogger award” come check it out:

January 19, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterthehashslinger

Having fun?

April 6, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterVJ

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