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A Very Kaufman Christmas 2012

The marina connection at Marina La Cruz currently isn't working so we've been internet-less for several days (and don't have the budget to buy the monthly internet connection right now available through Telcel.) Hopefully they'll get the internet fixed but until then, we are a bit hard to get a hold of.

Our Christmas Eve day started slowly. Eric wasn't feeling tip top and I had done not a lick of decorating. Never fear though. We put on Spaceballs and holed up watching movies and talking to Cora about Santa. Once we busted out this Christmas book and showed her pictures of Santa and how he visits little kids and brings them presents, she caught on quick. (Thanks mom for that book!)

Once Cora had figured out the concept of stockings from the Christmas book, then ours went up REAL FAST. As you can see, we're keeping it super fancy aboard Rebel Heart.

As soon as she woke up Christmas morning she spied the stockings and the strange, lumpy gift on the table. Silly straws are now THE way to drink her morning milk.

And the strange looking gift? Her first American Girl Doll, complete with yellow Crocs, just like Cora! A special thanks to my sister Sariah for helping me find this doll and all the accessories.

When I told her to say 'thank you Santa,' she literally looked up to the sky to thank him. I couldn't help but giggle. 

Eric and I got chocolate in our stockings (don't worry, the chocolate liquors were for him, not me :) I don't care how cheesy it sounds to say this, but our gifts to each other for Christmas were being together, on our boat, and starting to live our dream of cruising.

Pumpkin bread was made in the early hours to beat the heat the oven generates.

Millie, James, and Collin, the crew of s/v Jean Marie

Lowe, Ali, Ouest, and Pat, the crew of Bumfuzzle

On Christmas evening there was a cruiser's potluck at Philo's Bar. We headed over with our friends to dance, and dine, and celebrate.

Cora couldn't believe it when she got to see Santa with her own two eyes.

And she softly told him 'thank you' for her special baby doll present from that morning.

Outside Philo's bar, Christmas night

Philo's not only holds Christmas potluck for all the local cruisers and gringos, they also collect toys for the local children of La Cruz. Over 500 presents were given out that night by Santa Claus. Eric has blogged as well about Christmas this year and you can read his thoughts here.

Cora serenades me with 'Twinkle twinkle little star'

If you celebrate Christmas, then I hope you had a wonderful one. We are just happy to be together as a family again. More from us when the internet is working!

Reader Comments (2)

Oh how nice they had a Cruiser's get together for Christmas! Cora is adorable, and I bet she loves that doll. They must be popular right now because my friends got their daughter one also.

December 27, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterDani

Merry Christmas!!! Cora just looks so darned happy. She melts myheart.

December 29, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterCidnie

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