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BabyCool Sun Covering for Babywearing | Getting Crafty

Lyra is almost 4 months old and she is big enough to have her legs dangle out of my Tula baby carrier instead of having them tucked inside. The only problem? The sun down here is vicious. I needed something that would be very breathable and the reviews on the popular brand BabyLegs for their solar leg coverings say that many parents find them still too hot and I didn't want to worry about Lyra overheating. She is already pressed up against my body when we walk and we are both wet with sweat when we get to our destinations.

I still had my Aden & Anais muslin swaddle blankets, however, and since Lyra is no longer being swaddled, I decided to sacrifice a few for the cause of some SPF protection.

Okay kiddo. It's just me and you..and Elmo. 

Eric took Cora grocery shopping so I had about two hours to knock this project out.

First, I tore apart the cabin getting all the sewing stuff out.

Next, some quick measurements:

A quick sew and then checked if the initial fit was okay:

The great thing about working with muslin like this is the fabric is very forgiving. You don't have to be exact with measurements, cuts, or stitching. It all hides nicely in the natural wrinkle of the cloth.

I left the hems open at the ends so I could thread the elastic through with a safety pin. Then I double checked on her fat little thighs to make sure it wasn't too tight:

Uh oh!! This looks tells me that she won't be satisfied with her thumb for much longer.

Crazy how much she has rotated from her original position on the blanket just by wiggling on her back.

And.....stop everything and breastfeed.

Okay, now she is asleep and I can really start cracking.

I worked fast, assembly line style, and made two pairs:

Eric and Cora came home before I was finished. No matter. Ask Eric to take a photo for posterity.

Okay, let's try these puppies on.

Totally functional!

I can't tell, are they more MC Hammer or I Dream of Jeannie?

You decide!

Lyra approved.

Thanks, mom.

No problem kiddo. 

Another great thing about a Tula is that it provides support knee to knee on your baby. That means I can pull these sun covers a little down on her thighs and cover her feet when we walk since her thighs are already covered by the carrier. Win! 

Reader Comments (3)

MC, Jeanie, whatever... they are ADORABLE is what they are. Smart of you to cover her up from the sun. *love* that crazy hair- and you, mama, look awesome!

June 6, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterbehan

Beautiful and creative? Did you remind Eric that you are awesome?

June 10, 2013 | Unregistered Commenteramanda as a bee

That's great!!! I have the exact same sewing machine, it's a little ripper. I have sewn quilts, clothes, doll carriers, blankets and she's still going! I hope to find room for her on the boat but don't know. I LOVE muslin too! Tried to find some but can't so I made 3 layer blankets out of cotton gauze for the boat. Soo soft and lovely.
By the way your bubba is super cute!

June 11, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterCarly

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