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I wanna hold your hand | Cora and Lyra

All kids, all the time. Well, not really, but since we are currently luxuriating in the A/C of an apartment in Puerto Escondido, there is not a lot of 'boat' posts to do. It is still fairly lonely here, but avoiding the heat has done much to alleviate my current mood. We'll be back on the boat in a few weeks. In the meantime, more posts about our life right now.


Anyone who knows Cora, especially if you have a child around her age, knows that she loves to hold her friends' hands as much as they will let her. She likes to move from play area to play area by holding hands with her friends, no matter if they walking, running, or skipping towards the next fun thing.

It should have come as no surprise to me then, when I noticed how badly Cora always wants to hold Lyra's hand.

I had hoped that the girls would get along and be friends and so far the prospect is looking good. I also read an interesting chapter in Nurture Shock, by Po Branson and Ashley Merryman that talks about sibling rivalry. They discussed findings that the biggest predictor for how an older child will treat a younger sibling is to look at how they treated their first, best friend. The thinking being that a child learns very early on that they have to be kind to another child if they want that child to reciprocate kindness back). A friend makes a child work to earn their friendship, whereas a sibling is always there, whether they like it or not. 

I found this heartening because Cora has always treated, and still does treat, her best friend, Wes, like a true friend. She is also exuberant in her desire to play with Lyra, to hold Lyra, to help dress her, kiss her cheeks, read her books, and talk with her. I've been organizing a lot of my photos and pulled out this chronological log of pictures of the girls holding hands together. I hope I get to do posts like these for many years to come.

The first time Cora held Lyra's hand was on the day she was born. Her excitement was palpable and it wasn't until looking back at these early photos yesterday that BOOM, there Cora was, already holding Lyra's hand:

And here she is holding her foot (close enough) when Lyra was one week old:

And at one month old:


Holding hands at 2.5 months:

When she isn't holding hands, she is hugging, or kissing her. I just melt.

Kinda makes me want another one. What do you think, Eric? We do make pretty cute kids.

Five months, still holding hands.

Almost six months.

And I know this next photo is blurry, but the look of love between them is too precious to not document.

Cora is by Lyra for every milestone. Here they are sharing in the excitment of Lyra's first time in her 'big girl' high chair.

Playing in Cora's berth and holding hands at six months:

While Lyra can't yet reach for Cora's hand, I know she will do it as soon as she has the coordination. 

And this photo is a celebration of Lyra's reaching a big milestone, sitting up unassisted at almost seven months. Of course Cora is there, holding her hand.

If you need any further proof that Cora is in adoration of "little Lyra" as she calls her, I give you this video, taken this rainy weekend as we waited out Tropical Storm Lorena. Cora made a fort for her and Lyra and then began to serenade her with her hammer guitar.

Original song and original lyrics by Cora Rose. They go: sometimes, we always take care of you!

(Also, don't miss Lyra's new 'clicking' noise. Hoping that turns into "mama' soon :)


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I love, love, love how your kids just aclimate wherever they are. Your kids will be so very self sufficient! The best education in the world is travel. My grown girls will tell you they learned the most from travelling with us. Your girls are so HAPPY :) .

September 9, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterJan VanLIew Brewster

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