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Studio Living | Custom Waterproof Mattress Cover

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After making the custom foam and covers for their mattresses, next up was making custom, waterproof mattress covers. If you have, or have had little kids, you know they do all kinds of awesome things with bodily fluids, or really any fluids they can get a hold of. And so parents all over get those mattresses protected any way they can.

I used a twin-size waterproof mattress cover from Ikea for this project. It has terry cloth on the top and a waterproof fabric on the bottom. This is nice because it is both soft and quiet when the kids are on the mattresses (many waterproof covers are noisy, crinkly, hot plastic messes.)

Word to the wise, I had to go back and buy a second twin-sized cover because I needed more fabric. Noob mistake, I should have really measured everything out and bought a queen-sized one to start with.

Yep, definitely not going to be enough fabric there for all three cushions in their room.

First I worked on the two larger cushions (Lyra was my trusty sidekick for this entire project.)

And then I did the center cushion's waterproof cover:

I re-sewed the original Ikea tag on just to be fancy.

Nice and form-fitting, even before I finish seams and add elastic.

Hello lovely!

We get a hug of approval from Lyra:

All three are now ready for the custom sheets, but that will will wait for another post.


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