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A Very Kaufman Christmas ~ 2014

Christmas Eve day was a day to play make-believe. The girls had a "party" and the centerpiece was this incredible, hand-made quilt from Michelle at Sea Baby Quilts.

Quilted by hand. So lovely.

Cora spent a lot of time carefully folding it and caring it around in a hug. I think she liked (and likes) to immerse herself in the colors and in Elsa and Anna on the back.

Our day was relaxing, and our Christmas Eve was quiet. Nothing exciting, but we were happy and cozy, and I don't write this blog to entertain, but to chronicle our life for our girls when they are older.

This was the first Christmas that we watched Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, well, half anyway before the kids got too sleepy.

Cora dictated a letter to Santa and we left him and the reindeer this:

That's right. A glass of milk, some wine, beer, and carrots. Because apparently Santa is a drunken vegetarian. And yes, those carrots were for the reindeer AND Santa.

Every year Eric reads 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, and this was the first year that Cora was truly fascinated by it.

"He could hear the reindeer on the roof? He peeked on Santa bringing the toys?!"

After we tucked them in for the night we could hear Cora admonishing Lyra, "Go to sleep, Lyra Estrella. We have to go to sleep or SANTA CLAUS WON'T COME!!!" (Over the last few weeks, Cora has taken to consistently calling Lyra by her full name.)

She was indeed concerned that Santa would pass our house by if they didn't get to sleep pronto.

She needn't have worried. They fell asleep and Santa did come.

We kept to our rule of one gift each for the girls. There were other gifts under the tree sent from family and friends, but the girls will grow up getting one gift for Christmas; first it will be from Santa, and when they no longer believe, it will be from us. Their gifts were second-hand because they don't need new things. Thankfully, they don't need much at all.

At Christmastime we focus on making gifts for others and finding joy in the winter season.

Lyra got a balance bike sent to us from a friend in San Francisco. Her present was significantly bigger than Cora's (a binder full of Frozen-themed coloring page print-outs.) I was worried that Cora would feel this disparity in gift-size would seem inequitable but Cora was the first to shout out, "Lyra got a bike from Santa!"

And she reveled in her binder of coloring sheets, never murmuring about the difference in gifts. High-five, Cora. Way to be awesome, kid.

Here is Eric helping Lyra with a doll sent from her Bella. The look on Eric's face pretty much sums up how he feels about toys in general. Bwhwahhaahahaa. The girls were thrilled with their little dolls.

The book on the left was sent from our friends on s/v Lilo. If you have little kids, and don't own this book yet, get it. It will make them howl with laughter. Thank you, Bethany!

The girls spent the whole morning outside, Cora patiently explaining to Lyra how to walk on her balance bike. She showed her how to lay it down as well and they both took turns ringing the little bike bell.

Cora modeling her hand-knitted hat from our friend, Katherine.

It was a wonderfully small day. Small in the sense of being close-knit, low-stress, and family-focused. I put Christmas dinner in the crockpot and in the afternoon my brother, Rich and his roommate, Jesse came over. Along with our friend Joseph, we all sat around eating Mexican food and talking about politics, because who doesn't talk about politics at Christmas time?

After the year we've had, a tiny, calm Christmas was a good way to round out the season. I hope your holiday was wonderful too.

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