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Not Gone Yet | Almost!

Sorry to get everyone excited (there are an awful lot of bon voyage messages on my FB wall and Twitter Page, and for that I thank you), but we're still here in Mexico.

Why? Because of these two stinkers.

Cora, age 3.5. Currently loves picking and wearing flowers.

Lyra, 12 months, currently loves chewing on rocks and eating dirt.

When you are trying to leave for a multi-week ocean passage there are an awful lot of stars that need to align: when is the weather good? have you bought your fresh/green produce yet? is the boat ready? are bills paid? is the crew ready?

I recently went in for an annual check up and full blood work up. The results were surprising. They said I tested very high for a particular type of salmonella. I found this hard to believe as I've always associated salmonella with super fun things like stomach problems, diarrhea, etc. I haven't exhibited any of those symptoms.

So we went and got a second blood test. And I was still positive for it. 


We paid a visit to a travel medical doctor, and he suggested we get both girls' blood work done as well. Both girls had been sick for about a week. What ensued was a multi-day blood testing fiesta. Lyra tested positive for the same strand of salmonella I had, and Cora, although negative for the salmonella (Eric tested negative as well), tested positive for something called Proteus? I don't know. It was stressful to say the least. Cora had to go back and get tested for dengue because of the symptoms she was exhibiting.

Here is the long and the short of it.

Me: I'm anemic. I have also been battling a low-grade salmonella infection for we have no idea how long. The strand was not the kind to give you the runs, but the constant, low-grade infection meant exhaustion and malaise, and occasional fevers, add in anemia, and boy, do those symptoms sound familiar, or what? I'm relieved to know more about what is going on with my health and am now taking iron and a round of antibiotics to make sure I kick the salmonella in the ass.

Eric: The man is right as rain. He's feeling great. He looks fabulous. I'm glad ONE of us in this equation is feeling tip top. He is the designated medicine doser and keeps track of everyone's current state of health.

Cora: la princesa (as she calls herself) is currently taking three types of antibiotics, and a cough suppressant, to battle a bacterial upper respiratory infection.

Lyra: my little engineer (as I call her) is currently taking three types of antibiotics and a steroid, to battle bronchitis and a bacterial upper respiratory infection.  

We're all taking probiotics, eating well, resting, and getting plenty of fluids. We're under a great doctor's care, we're all on the mend, and we're in good spirits.

The girls and I after a visit to the doctor's today. See? We're fine!

Because of all this health fun, we missed the Monday weather window for departure. No worries, there will be more windows. We're eyeing Friday as a day to leave (and yes, I know that is a superstitious day for some sailors; they don't like to leave on Fridays. I view Fridays as a wonderful day to do anything at all.)

So, dear readers, I promise that we won't leave without telling you that we're leaving. I promise to make a detailed post about how you can follow our progress across the Pacific Ocean. And I promise to do all that soon.