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How to Send Valentine Cards Around the World

Sending Valentine Cards is my annual way of sending love and thanks to people in my life who are good. As we travel around the world, it has gotten more challenging to send them, but well worth the effort.

First, I needed to fly back to the states, and hit up a Target, where I bought Valentine cards, envelopes, labels, and some fun stickers.

Then, I spent about a week compiling names and addresses of my friends and family. I should probably have this process streamlined; eventually I'll have an Excel spreadsheet and I'll just print out labels, but until then, I asked my sister, Sariah, for help.

Sariah sat wth me for many evenings and helped me hand address over 200 cards. If you get a Valentine from me and it looks like the envelope has two different hand-writing styles on it, that's because many of them do.

Back in Mexico, take some fun photos of the girls to include in the Valentines.

Take a 45 minute Kombi ride with you, your 11 month old, your friend, Attila, and her three month old, to Sam's Club for a provisioning run. While you are shopping, have the photo place print out 200 of the image you like the best. After you pay for everything and pick up your photos, accept the fact that they mis-printed them and the border is completely off-center. Since both babies are bingo for any more time in a public location, just suck-it-up-buttercup, and send the photos as is.

And let Cora go to town on decorating the backs of the cards. (Not all of them were graced by Cora's hands, but many were!)

Embrace the fact that your wee ones, and your ongoing plans to ready a boat to sail across an ocean, will mean that you'l never get all the cards written at once, or in time for the actual Valentine's Day.

Write and send the cards in batches. Since the cards are stamped with US stamps, they need to be mailed from the States. My friend Julie carried this stack of finished cards to a guy on a different dock in our marina who was returning back to the US by airplane.

His boat was one of these, but I can't remember the boat name. Thank you random boat neighbor for putting those cards in the mail!

Let your daughter keep practicing how to use scissors and glue sticks. Understand that she'll get a little creative with the glue stick and warn friends in advance that their envelopes might be a bit sticky.

Finally, a month late, finish up your cards of love. Now I need to find another fellow sailor who is flying back to the states and can take the last four batches up for me. Wish me luck.

One of the coolest things about this annual project is how far afield some of these cards will go. With Cora, we looked at a map of the world and identified all the countries these are going to: United States, Canada, Australia (and Tasmania!), New Zealand, France, Italy, Spain, England, Italy, and the Sultanate of Oman. Fancy!

Thanks to all our friends and family who have been such an amazing support to us this past year. 

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Hi, just wanted to say good luck and bon voyage for your incredible trip! I happened upon your blog when I googled babywearing - my new little bundle is now 7 weeks and I've been following your adventure now avidly. I just read your birth stories too and they moved me to tears, as I have two daughters now too. Awesome blog, love your spirit, it keeps me dreaming here in the windy rainy UK! xxx

March 23, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterEsther

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