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Every Six Months ~ Cora and Lyra, February 2015

Lyra, two years old. Cora, 4.5 years old. 

San Diego, California. February 2015.


Every Six Months: A Photo Project

The girls are 2.5 years apart and their birthdays fall almost exactly six months apart in a calendar year. My goal is to document the two of them together every six months. You can view all the photos in the series here.


Yet another six months has come and gone and I give you the next installment in my Every Six Months Photo Series. The photo I take in February is the one I send with my annual Valentine's mailing (which STILL hasn't gone out yet, but that is another story.) Eric and I often think about where we would have been had everything not happened last April. The last photo for this series would have been taken somewhere in the South Pacific. This post's photo would have been taken in New Zealand. So many "would haves," I try not to think about them.

Instead I re-focus on the present.

This photo was a strong contender for the Every Six Months Photo. The girls picked their own helmets and now ride their balance bikes everywhere. Yes, little two year old Lyra can ride a balance bike quite well, and is even kicking up her feet to coast and balance simultaneously!

Dressing the girls up in their "party dresses," the dresses they were waiting to wear for Lyra's birthday party, was a ton of fun, as was bribing them with chocolate chips to try to get just ONE photo for this project.

When the majority of your photos are kids being goofy, are the photos outtakes, or just real life?


"Lyra, turn around. Cora, look at me."

"Okay, let's try having you hold your hands together."


"Let's try standing up."

^^This was their best attempt at a band photo.

"Okay. Okay. How about, look at each other and smile?" 

"Right. How about you hold each other's hands?" 

And then my heart exploded.

Cora's laugh. Is there anything like it?

Lyra's cheekiness. It can't be topped.

Hee hee.

And, I kid you not, in my final attempt to get them to give me just ONE photo that I could work with, I said, okay, show me how you feel when daddy comes home, and at that EXACT moment, Eric walked in the front gate.

Those smiles are all for daddy.

I can't wait to see what they look like in another six months! 


Lyra's beautiful dress is handmade by Veronica of Alexa Idolina on Etsy.

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