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Lyra Turns Two | Birthdays on Land

Our youngest munchkin turned two.

Cora had been eagerly awaiting Lyra's birthday for months. She was ecstatic when I announced that it was officially time to decorate. 

We hung signs to direct our guests to our new home.

And unfurled a Feliz Cumpleaños banner as well.

Thank you, Veronica, for sending us the banner!

Mele brought the all-important piñata, and Lyra fell in love.

There was still more decorating to do. Mele helped hang the banner you see behind Ella and Renée here:

Ella, Renée, and Mele. I'm lucky to have all of these women in my life.

See those colored paper skulls on the tops of those shelves?

The skulls are a free printable by New Zealand artist Lorna Love. You can snag the pdf here. A huge thanks to Amanda and Corinne for helping me cut and assemble them over dinner one night.

Oh, and that little fabric bunting? You can get one at my Etsy shop, Blue Cora.

My brother Rich came before the festivities; he made two of the most exquisite trifles for Lyra's party.

The girls "helping."

Soon the guests started to arrive. The piñata signaled they had found the right place.

We put the chips and salsa bar inside and the drinks bar outside. The chips, beans, and salsa were a clear success:

Lyra soon discovered that there was endless access to ice chips out by the drinks. She spent the rest of the party occupied with the ice.

Many of the children were excited about the ice and lemonade. Here Daisy multi-tasks by coloring while sipping. Genius:

Daisy's sister, Millie, liked our Women in Science collage, not surprising since her own mother is a world-famous glaciologist.

Women in Science, Minimalist Posters, by the artist Hydrogene.

Millie also pointed out that refraction in the picture below looked like Saturn.

Rock on, little scientist, rock on.

And while we are on this trio of fabulous sisters, the eldest sister, Zoë, volunteered to help serve the trifle.

Wonderful sisters, those girls. Psssst, that is their mom, Helen, in the background, left.

Their dad, Glyn, is on the right. He just launched New Flag, a company selling a new wide-body, rigid, inflatable catamaran. It looks awesome, too.

This is Melvin, baby Estella, and Alexis. Melvin is a postdoctoral fellow at UCSD. Alexis has a doctorate in music, is a professional musician, and is the co-host of The Dig Podcast.

One of the wonderful things about getting older is that you start to know some truly interesting people.

I wasn't able to take photos of all the guests, but here are some action shots:

Eric and Gray. Glyn in the background.

Me, Kristine, and that gorgeous baby.

Joseph and Marci, hamming it up.

Veronica, me, Lyra, Cora, Krister, baby Kai, and Amanda.

Me and the consistently fabulous, Kaye!

Left to right: Sacha, Zoë, Millie, Ella, Miles, Helen, Amanda, Krister, Kai, and Monique.

Mele helped me roll up the carpet in the living room and push the table to the wall. This gave us a spot for kids to color and chill, room for grown ups to chat, and babies to play.

Baby Estella holds court beside her mama, Alexis.

Left to right: Maya, Frankie, Tuti, Cora, and Sandee

We had truly perfect weather that day. While the rest of the country was freezing, our friends came in shorts and sun dresses.

Goddamn, I love this city.

Dan and Renée play with their boys Leo and Xavier.

It's the middle of February and we're all putting on sunscreen.

No big deal.

Cora and Lyra playing chase and showing their boundless love for Mele.

The guys talking about the Ruckus.

Baby Miles in awe of how close the airplanes get.

We didn't serve cake. No, our dessert was a trifle more awesome.

(YouSeeWhatIDidThere, RIGHT?)

My sweet, sweet, crazy little Lyra.

In that moment, she was serenaded by dozens of friends.

Friends who sang to her with love. I'm so grateful for their friendship. These are our friends. Friends who have been our friends for a long, long time. I think even little two year old Lyra could feel how special that moment was.

I won't forget the Happy Birthday song that day.

Lyra's party dress is handmade by Veronica of Alexa Idolina on Etsy.

After the cake, Lyra went directly back to walking around with a 'big-kid' cup and chewing on ice.

And then we busted out the piñata.

I would love to tell you that all of these kids got a chance to whack that thing.

But it isn't true.

Lyra got a try.

And Cora had a go.

The wee Daisy had a turn.

And then, noob-piñata-parents that we are, an older kid skipped ahead of the smaller kids still waiting.

And he tore that puppy apart.

It took Sacha exactly two swings to knock that donkey to kingdom-come. I think the kids who didn't get a turn were sad for about one millisecond.

Like zombies digging in for BRAINS, the kids forgot their tears and dug deep for a taste of that candy.

As the party wound down I tried to get one, JUST ONE, photo of our whole family.

....These are the results:

Okay, nope.



Eric and Cora were incahoots for the NOPE factor.

Dammit, Eric.

Still a NOPE. Little Vincent has now joined to officially photobomb us too <3

Still a NOPE.

I think this is our least amount of NOPE. 

So it goes.

It was a wonderful day. I was thoroughly exhausted when it was all said and done. Exhausted, happy, and grateful. 

Thanks, friends for making it a wonderful day.

Party over. Clean up done. Only six more months until the next one!

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