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Easter in San Diego | 2015

I made the girls their own little Easter baskets this year.

They were thrilled to have personal bags to bring to the Easter egg hunt at Gray & Ella's that morning.

The kids were adorable once we yelled "Go" for them to hunt for eggs:

The rascals hanging out in Wes & Miles' play house.

Yes, Gray & Ella built the coolest outdoor play house for their boys, ever.

I mean, ugh, can I just move in already? It's gorgeous. Gray can pretty much make everything.

Let me show you what I mean:

Hmmm. Maybe this will explain it better.

See what I mean?

Ella painted this. She PAINTED THIS.

They both designed everything you see here. Literally everything down to the fireplace and new walls. The terrariums, the bunting, you name it.

Ella created this spring table for the season.

Aunt Sue made this ensemble.

And here is the spread, albeit after it had been thoroughly ravaged by the industriously hungry guests.

(See that fireplace and mantel I mentioned? In the mirror. Gray made all of it.)It was a day for leisure and play.

"I think there are ants crawling on there."

"There ARE ants on there.

Let me take a closer look with my magnascope!"

Observe on, little scientist.

Observe on.

It was a day for families. All told, there were brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, parents, grandparents, great grandparents, aunts, AND uncles present.

I think the only thing we were missing was cousins, but I could be wrong. 

Poor baby Miles was NOT feeling well.

I'm not gonna lie, it was a kick-ass Easter. Thank you, Sherman family, for a wonderful, relaxing day.

I think Gray finally got some much needed rest.

{ PS - Gray & Ella are the talented husband/wife team behind the Etsy shop, Small Life Studio. The quality of their work is poured into everything they make. }

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