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Life with Lyra | Part Two

This is Part Two of my recent two posts about Lyra. You can read Part One here.


There is an inner determination in Lyra that I greatly admire. She does not give up easily nor does she ask for help readily.

Lyra is fearless. Here you see her running and then leaping into Eric's arms. Zero hesitation.

Lyra loves super heroes  & jumping on daddy.

She particularly loves to be the leader of groups and walk in the front. I *think* this is because she is generally the smallest and the youngest and she has a deep desire to be just like the big kids, no, she wants to BEAT the big kids and be better than them at their own game.

Showing bravery and the inherent curiosity of children at Tecolote Canyon Visitor Center and petting a snake.

If the big kids do it, Lyra wants to too. That's why she was so thrilled to finally get her first chance to snowboard this month in Mammoth (yes, they STILL have snow on the mountain.) Her dad and sister have been snowboarding all season but Lyra had to stay home with me. She was finally big enough to go out and try it.

She also recently got to join Eric and Cora on a backpacking trip in the Santa Rosa Mountains. 

That tiny kid followed her big sister and kept up the whole way. 

She loves the water. We've had her in swim lessons from a very young age because she doesn't pause around water; she just jumps in.

Lyra also never stops moving. Trying to get her to stay put for any length of time is nigh on impossible.

In case you are tempted to say, 'pssshhh, all 3 year olds move around a lot,' then you'd be right. But Lyra's brand of non-stop is pretty special. Here's just a few seconds of Lyra one day while we were getting pizza. Her faces like this are constant.


Seriously, she makes us all laugh. I knew she'd be the clown in the family from almost the minute she was born.

Cracking us up as she reads.

All silliness aside, she is a pre-reader, so she spends lots of time pretending to read while reciting books she knows from memory, or singing songs while she imitates reading.

 This is Lyra reading her current favorite book, Keisha Cane and her Very Sweet Tooth, by Ashley Foxx.

Lyra leaping right into the Volcom Skate Rink in Mammoth Lakes, California

As fiercely independent as she is, sometimes even Lyra likes to cuddle. The first time she pretended to be a baby I asked her, 'what is your baby name?' She very sweetly answered,

"Baby quesadilla."

I snorted laughing but then I realized she was serious. She continued angelically, loving the way I was rocking her, "with extra cheese."

"Your name is 'baby quesadilla with extra cheese?'" Again, a serene nod. And from then on, anytime she played baby she was our little quesadilla. 

How do kids think this stuff up?

Today driving home from school Lyra asked me if she could go inside all the homes on the street by our house. "Can I go in that home? That home? That home?" she carried on.

"You know if you want to go in people's home, you could be a cop. Cops go in a lot of homes."

She harrumphed from the back seat. "I don't to be a cop! I want to be Lyra!"

"Okay, but what do you want to be when you grow up?" Cora asked.

"I don't want to be a grown up, or a teacher, or a cop. I'm going to be me. I'm going to be Lyra."

I guarantee you she will be Lyra when she grows up. And I can't wait to see who she turns out to be.

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