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Gave my notice at work

I gave my notice at work today. I've been accepted into a bilingual, elementary teaching program for the next two years. I'm really excited about the prospect of getting to use my Spanish skills again. Work took the news pretty well and even offered me a summer position, which I'll definitely need come July. Hooray!!

In nerd WoW news, Eric and I have been trying to beat the Dark Portal instance in Caverns of Time in order to get our key for Karahzan. It's a really rough instance. I don't mind doing it over and over, because it makes me a better healer, but I do mind spending gold on reagents, potions and repairs :(

Here's a link to my character, Amatheia, on Feathermoon, if you're interested.


Hank has a new home!

I contacted The Bulldog Club of Greater San Diego to see if they could help in finding Hank a new home.  They started looking through their files and suggested that I put a profile for him up on www.dogster.com - well it worked! I found a wonderful home, with a large, fenced yard, a little 9-year old girl to play with him and an active family that takes him to the river, on walks and to hang out with the horses they ride.  It was heart wrenching to say goodbye to him, but I know he' s in an awesome place (heck I think he has it better now than when I was his mom!)  Here are some pics of Hank in his new environment.







Taking Tests is Tiring (Alliteration!)

Took the CSET today (California Subject Examinations for Teachers). I studied approximately 60 hours for it over the course of 3 weeks. I’m exhausted. I feel pretty confident that I passed but unfortunately I won’t get the results until April 16th.

April should be a big month. Taxes (ugh). I get the results of the CSET. I find out if I get accepted into a teaching program I’m looking into and… Eric and I just might decide to move onto the boat. And I mean move onto the boat soon.

We’ve always known we’d move aboard prior to taking our trip around the world but as we’ve been reviewing finances lately all signs have been pointing toward really paring down our lifestyle and the boat seems to be calling our name.

This creates big questions. Questions I didn’t think I’d have to be answering so soon. What do I do about my dog? Hank is a 60 pound Olde English Bulldogge who I love dearly. He’s also big, clumsy and sheds like crazy. Hank was in my life before the boat and the sailing trip was in my life. If I had known about the trip I might have thought twice about bringing him into my life. Hank doesn’t really work on a boat. He’s a big, loveable oaf. I love him, but where does he go? Who does he live with? Who will love him like I will? Tomorrow he will be 3 years old. Hmm. This topic makes me sad.

Enough for now, here’s a pic of me and Hank. If you have any suggestions or know of a good home, let me know.

Charlotte and Hank.jpg

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