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New pics of engagement night


Well the Pastor and his wife came through, they just sent us these pictures! I love the first one. He had literally just asked and we're both still glowing.

Our lovely dinner (that I couldn't eat)

I'm so glad that we have these. If I had known he was going to propose, I would have brought a camera, but of course, that have ruined everything!! So I'm thankful for that sweet couple.



We're Engaged!!

Wow. My head is still reeling!  Earlier in the week Eric had asked me out for a date night this Saturday. I was really excited because it had been awhile since we had had a date night, and I was itchin' to dress up and look good.  He asked me where I wanted to go, and I told him Old Venice, which is a really nice restaurant within walking distance of the boat. I've always wanted to go there, and just have never had the opportunity.

We both dressed up, and this should have been my first clue. Eric takes me out on date night pretty frequently, but he doesn't dress up for it. Last night he was pulling out shirts, checking wrinkles - DUH! All I thought was, "Wow, how sweet, he's really getting dolled up for me." To be honest, I always thought that I would have some inkling of the time and day that he would propose. You hear women talk about their men "acting funny" or "nervous" - nope, not Eric. Not a thing.  If anything, he was being sweeter, more attentive, and very loving - I, of course, was lapping that up, but it didn't make me put two and two together at all.  He even asked if I wanted to drive or walk (and he hates driving!) That made me pause for a moment, but then I just thought, "how sweet" again. The evening was beautiful so I said, "let's walk." I knew he would prefer to walk anyway.  We had drinks on the boat before we headed out, and that should have been my second clue. Eric downed his. I was still trying to finish mine as he suggested that we walk over. We had our neighbor snap this picture before we left.

When we got to the restaurant I was still oblivious. We  ordered an appetizer and two glasses of wine, the restaurant was packed, and I was really happy to finally check the place out. Eric finished his glass of wine before we finished the appetizer, that should have been my third clue!  Over the appetizer we talked about future plans and our life together on the boat. It was a really pleasant evening so far.  Just as I said, "Wow, you really drank your wine fast!" Eric excused himself to go the restroom. I sat waiting for him and enjoying the busy atmosphere of the place.  Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder, I turned and Eric was on one knee by my side.

I was very confused.

I actually don't remember the words he said exactly. I had to ask him about it after he sat back down, because everything became a blur. It was like I couldn't put the pieces together. Eric was on his knee + he was holding a ring + he was asking me to marry him.  I distinctly remember the look on his face. I knew he was trying to tell me something important, but it was like I couldn't hear anything.  The first thing out of my mouth was, "What?"  He just smiled. I said, "Is this happening? Are you serious?" I think I asked that several times.  1161984-943635-thumbnail.jpg
Old Venice
By this point a table next to us full of single, 30 - something girls had noticed what was going on. I think they were the only table in the restaurant who were aware of the interaction. I reached down and took the ring and remember saying "Yes" and starting to cry. He kissed me and sat back down and the table of girls erupted in applause which prompted the other tables to look over and see my crying and still being in shock and looking at the BEAUTIFUL ring on my finger. Everyone else started clapping too and offering us congratulations.  The waiter immediately brought over a split of champagne.  As people clapped, Eric smiled and pumped his fist in the air. It all still seems blurry to me. 

I was so happy. Heck, I'm still smiling from it! I almost cried in the shower this morning remembering it. I had to ask him once everything had died down what he said to me. He said, "Charlotte, You're the girl I love more than anything in this world and I want to know if you'll marry me." Beautiful and simple and I just blanked from all of the excitement.  No sooner had we finished the first split of champagne than the waiter came by and poured us another, this one was a gift from the table of girls who had started cheering first. Our entrees arrived and I had NO appetite. I just couldn't take in what was happening.  We talked about a potential wedding date, about the fact that we were now fiancées, and no longer boyfriend and girlfriend, and about how happy we were that neither of us had brought our cell phones. 1161984-944152-thumbnail.jpg
Celebratin' on the boat
Though we had every intention of calling our families when we got home, there was just something nice about finishing that meal with just the two of us (and the rest of the restaurant :) knowing.  Our server brought by the dessert tray and said that desserts were on the house. I just pointed and said, "the chocolate one." Somehow I couldn't stomach the main course, but dessert was no problem. Hee hee.

A busser came up and said that the couple in the corner had offered to take some pictures of us and then send them to us via e-mail. That was so sweet of them. I really hope they do send them.  He also brought by a beautiful candle-lit candlebra and placed it on the table. It made the evening that much more romantic.  We went over to thank the table who offered to take our pictures later and it turns out the husband is a pastor and she's a wedding coordinator. LOL. She's good! As we were leaving I went over to thank the table of girls who had sent the champagne. They all wanted to oogle the ring and I felt very, very feminine, showing it off. I've never done that before and it was a sweet feeling. 

The ring is just gorgeous. Several months ago Eric and I were in Seattle and I pulled him into an Tiffany's to show him a ring I had my eye on. I tried it on and really fell in love with it. Sure enough, it's the same ring. I've never lusted after the 'traditional' engagement ring, and have never particularly been a fan of diamonds. The stone is an aquamarine. When you look at it from the top it looks clear, and as you angle your hand you can see its beautiful light blue coloring. I also love that it's a gold band. I like to wear my grandmother Charlotte's rings from time to time and her rings all have gold bands. I had been sad at the thought of having to retire from wearing them because of a potential clash of silver and gold rings. I love how everything has worked out!

1161984-943618-thumbnail.jpg           1161984-943630-thumbnail.jpg

We walked back home in a happy, now somewhat drunken daze and stopped by Trader Mort's to get some more champagne. We were celebrating! As we walked in  I announced to everyone that we had just gotten engaged and that we were getting champagne! The man behind the counter was so enthusiastic. He ripped a disposable camera off of the wall and said we could take the champagne as long as he could take pictures with us. Okay! He also had us give him our e-mail and he said that somehow he'd get us the pictures. It felt like the whole world was celebrating with us. When we got home we started calling friends and family and then we continued celebrating on our own.

Catalina Island
This morning my head is aching, but this is a hang over I couldn't care less about. I'm still in shock that it has all happened. Ryan came over and we had breakfast together. It was awesome to start thinking about where we want to go on our honeymoon, and how we want the wedding set up.  We've already decided that we're going to get married on Santa Catalina Island, which is where we sailed the first time we went anywhere together.  We're not sure on a date yet, but will let everyone know as soon as possible. Hurray! 


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