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A Year Between Christmases

We just got back from my brother Rich's house for Christmas dinner. His place always look incredible this time of the year. 

Rich at left, Cora and Joseph at rightI couldn't help but compare photos from this time of year to last year. Back when Cora looked like this:

It's an overload of cute

And now my precious girl looks like:

She looks like she's 23!!!! Stop that! It has only been 12 months. 


From this:

To this:

And here is Christmas day 2010 (another sunny San Diego Christmas):

And today we are even more in love with the munchkin:

It was good friends, and good eats.

Cora with her Dinah

Eric and Grand StanChicken pot pie, lobster cream mashed potatoes, roast, Gorgonzola mashed potatoes, and green beans with garlic and lemon.. Say it with me....YUM!!

This year two of my students, Inho and Sunmo from Korea, joined us for Christmas dinner.

They muddled through a game of Apples to Apples with us. I was impressed!

I introduced Cora to a dishwasher and the concept of hot, running water. Pretty fancy for us boat dwellers.

Thanks to my wonderful brother Rich for hosting us, and to hanging out with new friends on Christmas!



A Very Kaufman Christmas

Preparations for this year's Christmas were so much more fun with an almost 17 month old as opposed to just a wee baby

We commandeered grocery carts at Target while Christmas shopping.

We hung stockings and even had a tiny tree (do you see it there on the left?)

We kept up the family tradition of making sugar cookies and gifting them to neighbors (carols were involved!) Oh, and Two Buck Chuck makes a fairly decent rolling pin when you don't have one.

Charlie Brown cookies, to be sure.

Cora found a new part of the boat to try to conquer.

And Dinah and Grand Stan came over for dinner and to play some board games on Christmas Eve. Best Christmas Eve ever? Possibly. 

We heard Cora say, "Oooh oooh!" from her berth when she woke up this morning. She could see the shiny presents.

But she had no idea what to do with them!

Before ripping into the gifts, she asked for a blanket. This kid does not like to be chilly.

She loved her 'tweet tweet' backpack from Skip Hop.

Sooooo cute!

These beeswax crayons from our friend Yoshino in Japan were a big hit (and they are safe to eat too as Cora does like to nibble on her writing utensils. Thank you Yoshino! Crayons from Yamada Bee Farm.)

Have I mentioned that Cora loves seaweed? She nommed these crackers from Japan right up (wouldn't even share with me! I never!)

I tried to offer her a delicious sugar cookie and the kid wasn't interested in the slightest. I will rejoice in this small window of time before she realizes how addictingly delicious sugar really is.

We finished Christmas morning with some reading and some dress up:

Then a family walk before nap time (and to try out the new backpack!)

And now we are off to my brother's for Christmas dinner. A very merry Christmas to you and yours.

Love, the Kaufmans


Cora's First Christmas

This morning we got up bright and early. I love opening presents and I couldn't wait to put the big bow from Cora's gift on her head. She readily obliged:

Cora got a wonderful book called On the Night You were Born, by Nancy Tillman. Eric surprised me with a gorgeous pearl necklace and pearl earrings, and this t-shirt, and I made him a cover for his Kindle. We each got chocolate oranges in our stockings. I love chocolate oranges!

Then we went for brunch at Kelly's house. It was a feast. There were muffins and doughnuts and fruit and mimosas:

Rich and Tariq cooked eggs and pancakes and sausage and bacon. Yummmm. Bacon.

Cora slept a lot. She's cutting her first tooth and I think it is making her very tired. She kicked it on Kelly's bed for her naps.

She was fine until she realized I was going to leave her alone. Then, not so much.

Kelly's place was all decorated for the holiday: 

She had fun little touches everywhere:

And a perfect tiny tree:

With beautiful baubles all over:

I can't get enough of this guy. In fact, I like him so much, I married him:

Cora slept while we played Apples to Apples:

Here's the beauty napping quietly while the adults enjoyed Christmas together:

A year ago today I was 9 weeks pregnant and experiencing horrible all day morning sickness. What a difference a year makes. I'm so happy I was able to endure the trials and tribulations of pregnancy because Cora has made it all worth it. Merry Christmas Cora. We are so glad you are here with us!


Yes Cora, there is a Santa Claus

Dear Cora,

Today our family created our first Christmas traditions. First we put on some cute clothes that your Aunt Sariah and Grandma Bella gave you, and yes, you are Daddy's favorite present!

Then we enjoyed the sunshine by the main table at the marina while we waited for a friend:

Then we walked to breakfast and we saw Tubby the sealion:

Later on you practiced your rolling:

Then in the evening your dad read you 'Twas the Night Before Christmas and he cooked his favorite meal, his 'man' meal, for us. You practiced lifting your head and your legs up:

Then we put you sweetly to bed and played Christmas songs while we wrapped presents and stuffed stockings. I haven't had time to make real stockings so we used our socks. Boat people are good at making do:

Merry Christmas precious girl. Tonight Santa will come! We love you.


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