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DIY Fabric Easter Bags

I included a few photos of the bags I made for Cora and Lyra in my Easter 2015 post here. I've finished a third one so I thought I'd share all three finished products.

Ta da! They are Goldilocks style, with a small one, a slightly bigger one, and then a large one.

I used this image as inspiration and then hand drew my own pattern.

I made the littlest bag first and then expanded the pattern by about an inch and a half for each proceeding bag.

The littlest bag was for Lyra.

The exterior fabric is from a kitchen towel I bought at Target. I was so enamored with the towel that I put it in my fabric stash instead of the kitchen.

I forgot to take a close up shot of the interior but you can sort of see it in the photo below. It's just a nice, soft, yellow fabric with white flowers.

Cora's basket is the mid-sized one. I used some fabric a friend had passed on from her stash and carefully positioned that rocking pink bird in prominence on the front.

The interior fabric is from scraps I had from the bench I made for Mele last fall. The pink is from the piping I handmade for it.

More photos of the bench can be found here.

Oh to have trimmed that one tiny thread sticking out there on the left. The perfectionist in me cries out in protest. The realist in me refuses to get off the couch to take another photo.

Sometimes. Sometimes I dream about fabric.

True story.

Oooh, you can see the interior fabric in the fruit basket pretty well in that photo.

Isn't it cute how they stair-step in sizes?

Being nautically-minded, the biggest basket is my favorite.

The fabric is remnants from the home-dec weight fabric I bought to make a mattress cover for our bed

So, soon. Soon.

I.can't.even. with this lining fabric. Just look at that buttery-pale yellow & white stripe with the little beach terns trailing their prints behind them in the sand.

You may have noticed that I used a zig-zag stitch on the trim for all these baskets. 

Since I knew that the girls were going to be banging their bags around to kingdom-come, and because I want these to actually be used in real life instead of sitting on a shelf somewhere just looking pretty, I opted for zig-zag over straight stitch.

The former will do a perfect job of going the distance and keeping all the layers of the bag (exterior fabric, interfacing, lining fabric, interfacing, & bias tape) together.

The starfish bag is going out in the mail as a birthday present for a friend. I can't say who because that would ruin the surprise.

Also, here is Lyra just doing her thing.

Ta-ta for now!  


Easter in San Diego | 2015

I made the girls their own little Easter baskets this year.

They were thrilled to have personal bags to bring to the Easter egg hunt at Gray & Ella's that morning.

The kids were adorable once we yelled "Go" for them to hunt for eggs:

The rascals hanging out in Wes & Miles' play house.

Yes, Gray & Ella built the coolest outdoor play house for their boys, ever.

I mean, ugh, can I just move in already? It's gorgeous. Gray can pretty much make everything.

Let me show you what I mean:

Hmmm. Maybe this will explain it better.

See what I mean?

Ella painted this. She PAINTED THIS.

They both designed everything you see here. Literally everything down to the fireplace and new walls. The terrariums, the bunting, you name it.

Ella created this spring table for the season.

Aunt Sue made this ensemble.

And here is the spread, albeit after it had been thoroughly ravaged by the industriously hungry guests.

(See that fireplace and mantel I mentioned? In the mirror. Gray made all of it.)It was a day for leisure and play.

"I think there are ants crawling on there."

"There ARE ants on there.

Let me take a closer look with my magnascope!"

Observe on, little scientist.

Observe on.

It was a day for families. All told, there were brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, parents, grandparents, great grandparents, aunts, AND uncles present.

I think the only thing we were missing was cousins, but I could be wrong. 

Poor baby Miles was NOT feeling well.

I'm not gonna lie, it was a kick-ass Easter. Thank you, Sherman family, for a wonderful, relaxing day.

I think Gray finally got some much needed rest.

{ PS - Gray & Ella are the talented husband/wife team behind the Etsy shop, Small Life Studio. The quality of their work is poured into everything they make. }


Easter Egg Hunt at the Marina | Cora's Second Easter

Xavier, Cora, and JosephWe invited some friends down to the little grassy area by the marina today for a casual egg hunt by the bay. Most of the kids were between 2-4 years old so hiding the eggs was more like gently placing them in glaringly obvious spots on the wide lawn of the marina park.

Here are some family pics of those who attended:

Xavier, Dan, Renee, and LeonardoTom, Joseph, and LeslieCharlotte, Cora, and Eric

Wes, Gray, and EllaI'm so bummed I didn't get a family shot of Paige and her wee ones, so these awesome action shots will have to do!

Maddi, Colin, and PaigeJesse and Pam and their two boys were visiting from St. PaulA few of my favorite shots from the day:

We had a great day and I'm so happy that our friends were able to come and enjoy it too.


Reading through my post last year about Cora's first Easter, two things strike me:

First: Just like last year, we are in the last few days of Cora's "Dinah and Grand Stan" being here in San Diego. Soon they'll go back to Maine for the summer season at Pendleton Yacht Yard and we will be bereft of their presence once again. The worst part? They aren't coming back :( This time they are trucking their boat over to the East Coast so we don't know when we'll see them again. Hopefully very soon. Part of being a sailor is having many goodbyes, but also having friends in many places too. Cora will have to start learning this sooner or later but we are sad that it starts now.

Second: My what a difference a year makes. A year ago  Cora couldn't walk and she really was a baby. Now she is running around and kicking balls and loves motorcycles and Elmo. We had no idea of the toddler she would become but we sure do love the results. Oh, and why YES, that is the same shirt I was wearing last year for Easter. I even thought about wearing those same pants before I found that skirt. The life of a female liveaboard - it doesn't give you many fashion choices that is for sure. 

You can view all the photos from the event below. Happy Easter everyone!




Cora's First Easter on the Boat

Cora helped us get ready for Easter by playing on the cabin sole (next to her new baby gate, updates to come!) and drinking her milk like a big girl.

We didn't have rubber bands (to make those cool stripes you can do). So....

We used zipties. Okay, it kinda worked. I'll be better prepared next year.

On Easter Sunday Cora got to have breakfast with her four favorite people. Mom, Dad, Dinah, and Grand Stan.

Her little Easter dress was from her Aunt Sariah.

Dinah and Grand Stan leave on Tuesday. We will miss them so much.

When we got back from breakfast, the Easter Bunny had come. How did the bunny know that I like Robin's Eggs, Eric likes Tic Tacs, and Cora likes toy ducks? How?

Girl babies should wear blue more often. 

After opening our baskets, Eric and I had an Easter egg hunt. I hid eggs topsides and he hid them below decks. Then we switched and tried to find them all. 

Eggs look so cute tucked away on a boat. Where else can you hide them onboard? Here, let me show you.

Happy Easter everyone. Enjoy springtime, chocolate, and time with your family.