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Mother's Day in Mexico 2013

I asked Eric for the following for Mother's day: a chance to workout in the morning, a homemade card from Cora, and a real shower at the marina (as opposed to our Rube Goldberg set up on the boat.)

What I secretly also wanted was a pedicure and a dinner out, but I didn't mention either because I didn't think we'd be able to accomplish finding a salon in town (remember, we are on foot, or in a taxi, with an infant and a two year old, in a city we don't know) PLUS work out, plus shower, do nap time, and then try to do dinner out on top of it all. Yeah, wasn't going to happen. 

So...off we went to work out.

Cora and Eric are work out buddies. They headed over to an open area to do their usual work out (and yes, that Red Bull can is empty, and no, she didn't have any of it.)

Lyra and I headed over to the shaded area in front of the Club Cruceros clubhouse (at Marina La Paz.)

Lyra put on a head band to get into the spirit of things, and then promptly fell asleep after I nursed her. This was, of course, my plan all along :)  

I'm doing a modified version of the 12 exercises mentioned in this article on burst interval training. Modifications were the following: instead of jumping jacks (#1), I did mountain climbers, I omitted abdominal crunches (#4), and did diamond push ups instead of the chair dip (#7.)

People don't just randomly do a series of exercises like these, in a skirt, in Mexico, but this was the only shaded and relatively close location I had to work with, and the only one I could safely keep Lyra in, so I got over my self-consciousness and just started moving. I still don't have any work out clothes that fit, so I worked out in a skirt anyway.

~ Let's get physical, physical! I wanna get physical!! Oh oh oh! ~

The marina office was closed and I couldn't find anyone with a key to let me into the showers, so getting a real one didn't happen today, BUT I'm not complaining.

We went back to the boat and had our Rube Goldberg showers (a combination of jumping into the ocean and washing in the bay and then rinsing the salt water off on the side deck.) While we were in the bay, dolphins were jumping into the air about 80ft from us. We could hear them clicking to each other when we put our ears into the water. Swimming with dolphins for Mother's Day? I'll take that.

I told Eric that I really wanted a pedicure maybe sometime this week since we wouldn't be able to find a place that was open on a Sunday without wandering around aimlessly in the hot sun forever. That brilliant man of mine hopped onto the VHF and asked if anyone knew of a good place to get a pedicure. And not one, but TWO sailors responded, both with recommendations of places that they liked to go to. As in male sailors. Good for them, I say!

One of them was so kind as to make an appointment for me. So we hopped into a taxi and headed up the coast to the Nautilus Spa at La Concha Hotel.

Eric, Cora, and Lyra dropped me off at the spa and went to hang out with our friends Kevin and Felicia on s/v For Our Play. And I got to enjoy my first pedicure since before I got pregnant with Lyra.

It had been a looooong time. 

Total bliss.

And to make the day even better, we stopped for dinner at Rancho Viejo, right by Marina La Paz, and Cora presented me with a homemade card full of the letters she has been practicing.

I have to hand it to Eric, who is notorious for not pulling off 'official' holidays very well, it was a winning day.

I am so lucky to be a mom to these two awesome girls. Happy Mother's day to all the mothers out there and anyone who has mothered someone as well! 


A Very Kaufman Christmas 2012

The marina connection at Marina La Cruz currently isn't working so we've been internet-less for several days (and don't have the budget to buy the monthly internet connection right now available through Telcel.) Hopefully they'll get the internet fixed but until then, we are a bit hard to get a hold of.

Our Christmas Eve day started slowly. Eric wasn't feeling tip top and I had done not a lick of decorating. Never fear though. We put on Spaceballs and holed up watching movies and talking to Cora about Santa. Once we busted out this Christmas book and showed her pictures of Santa and how he visits little kids and brings them presents, she caught on quick. (Thanks mom for that book!)

Once Cora had figured out the concept of stockings from the Christmas book, then ours went up REAL FAST. As you can see, we're keeping it super fancy aboard Rebel Heart.

As soon as she woke up Christmas morning she spied the stockings and the strange, lumpy gift on the table. Silly straws are now THE way to drink her morning milk.

And the strange looking gift? Her first American Girl Doll, complete with yellow Crocs, just like Cora! A special thanks to my sister Sariah for helping me find this doll and all the accessories.

When I told her to say 'thank you Santa,' she literally looked up to the sky to thank him. I couldn't help but giggle. 

Eric and I got chocolate in our stockings (don't worry, the chocolate liquors were for him, not me :) I don't care how cheesy it sounds to say this, but our gifts to each other for Christmas were being together, on our boat, and starting to live our dream of cruising.

Pumpkin bread was made in the early hours to beat the heat the oven generates.

Millie, James, and Collin, the crew of s/v Jean Marie

Lowe, Ali, Ouest, and Pat, the crew of Bumfuzzle

On Christmas evening there was a cruiser's potluck at Philo's Bar. We headed over with our friends to dance, and dine, and celebrate.

Cora couldn't believe it when she got to see Santa with her own two eyes.

And she softly told him 'thank you' for her special baby doll present from that morning.

Outside Philo's bar, Christmas night

Philo's not only holds Christmas potluck for all the local cruisers and gringos, they also collect toys for the local children of La Cruz. Over 500 presents were given out that night by Santa Claus. Eric has blogged as well about Christmas this year and you can read his thoughts here.

Cora serenades me with 'Twinkle twinkle little star'

If you celebrate Christmas, then I hope you had a wonderful one. We are just happy to be together as a family again. More from us when the internet is working!


Halloween 2012 | Little Sailor Girl 

Our little sailor girl!

Last year I wasn't pregnant, nor were we deep in the thralls of getting ready to leave for a world cruise. There was a lot more time to think about Cora's Halloween costume back then. If you want to see her royal adorableness as a Baby Real Estate Agent, click here for the awesome.

Hair still wet from the shower, all decked out in black, orange, and purple. At least we got the Halloween colors in! She calls her sailor hat her 'party hat.'

Eric, Cora, Daisy, and Glyn

We met up with Helen and Glyn and their lovely girls for a little Halloween get together and then walked their neighborhood trick or treating. 

The Incredible Hulk TERRIFIED Cora and Daisy. Zoe, Daisy's sister, is the awesome SCUBA diver.


Daisy and Cora

Cora is fascinated by the dynamic between Daisy and her sisters. She is much shyer than the three girls and loves to see them interact and horse around.

Zoe, Daisy, Millie, and Cora

I think Cora will love having her own sister to goof off with soon too :)

This was Cora's first time trick or treating and it took her a bit to start saying trick or treat at each door (she's very quiet with strangers.) The whole grabbing her hand into a bowl of candy though, yeah, she picked up on that really quickly. By about halfway through the walk she was saying 'trick or treat' and 'thank you' but very, very softly.

From a mom's perspective, I had no idea what a big "first" this would be for me. I was a bit overcome with emotion as we walked from house to house. I think it was a mix of fear and guilt for taking Cora on this big voyage around the world (with thoughts in my head, like "She won't be able to go trick or treating like this" and "Am I doing the right thing?") plus simply living through the age old rite of going trick or treating, only this time I was the mom and I had my own little one to usher through the ritual. 

We went and got sushi afterwards, which very well may became a Kaufman Halloween night tradition. Why not? We're about to embark on an adventure that will make following a lot of classic childhood firsts a bit, well, different.

Cora also successfully chomped down a ton of sushi. Go Cora! I kept telling her that she should get used to sushi, because she was going to be eating a lot of fish soon.

It only took her until about 10am the next morning to ask where her 'candy bucket' was. We let her have one piece and the rest is tucked away for special treats on the way to Mexico.

Happy Halloween and dia de los muertos amigos.


Father's Day 2012

Family portrait - June 16, 2012

Eric is notoriously hard to shop for. Because of this I have spent most of our relationship focusing on giving him experiences and memories instead of material things.

In our household we also believe that Father's Day and Mother's Day is for children to appreciate their parents, and that's what we intend to teach to Cora. When she is old enough to help decide how to celebrate these days, then our celebrations will probably be a lot more interesting than they have the last two years. 

As it stands now, tomorrow for Father's Day we'll go grab breakfast at our favorite place and then in the afternoon hit up the pool with friends.

Still, I wanted to give a nod to Eric somehow for being the awesome father that he is to Cora so I've listed my favorite photos of Eric and Cora over the last (almost) two years. Enjoy! And Eric, Happy Father's Day!

Cora only hours old. Soaking her in.She is so soothed by the sound of his voice.

First breakfast out as a family. I didn't want her out of my arms for a minute.I love them both so much.Starting to show her personality and playfulness

Their profiles

Encouraging her independenceReading books on boats on a boat

Playing hookie at the park

Babywearing his babyEncouraging (causing :) her passion for "bubbles" (motorcycles)My all time favorite of the two of them. The sweetness just melts me. 


Easter Egg Hunt at the Marina | Cora's Second Easter

Xavier, Cora, and JosephWe invited some friends down to the little grassy area by the marina today for a casual egg hunt by the bay. Most of the kids were between 2-4 years old so hiding the eggs was more like gently placing them in glaringly obvious spots on the wide lawn of the marina park.

Here are some family pics of those who attended:

Xavier, Dan, Renee, and LeonardoTom, Joseph, and LeslieCharlotte, Cora, and Eric

Wes, Gray, and EllaI'm so bummed I didn't get a family shot of Paige and her wee ones, so these awesome action shots will have to do!

Maddi, Colin, and PaigeJesse and Pam and their two boys were visiting from St. PaulA few of my favorite shots from the day:

We had a great day and I'm so happy that our friends were able to come and enjoy it too.


Reading through my post last year about Cora's first Easter, two things strike me:

First: Just like last year, we are in the last few days of Cora's "Dinah and Grand Stan" being here in San Diego. Soon they'll go back to Maine for the summer season at Pendleton Yacht Yard and we will be bereft of their presence once again. The worst part? They aren't coming back :( This time they are trucking their boat over to the East Coast so we don't know when we'll see them again. Hopefully very soon. Part of being a sailor is having many goodbyes, but also having friends in many places too. Cora will have to start learning this sooner or later but we are sad that it starts now.

Second: My what a difference a year makes. A year ago  Cora couldn't walk and she really was a baby. Now she is running around and kicking balls and loves motorcycles and Elmo. We had no idea of the toddler she would become but we sure do love the results. Oh, and why YES, that is the same shirt I was wearing last year for Easter. I even thought about wearing those same pants before I found that skirt. The life of a female liveaboard - it doesn't give you many fashion choices that is for sure. 

You can view all the photos from the event below. Happy Easter everyone!