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Product Review ~ Nursing and Teething (Mommy) Necklaces

Young Mother Nursing her Child, Mary Cassatt, 1906

Anyone who has nursed a baby or had a small child knows that they love to grab your accessories, and that includes your face and your hair. Pre-Cora I loved to wear big, chunky necklaces, but none of mine are safe within her grasp.

Necklaces by StonesofHealing2 on Etsy

Luckily Etsy came to the rescue as there are several sellers who make nursing, teething, and mommy necklaces.

Product: Nursing or Mommy Necklace Light Pink Cherry Quartz

Seller: Holly N' Sage on Etsy


1. It's gorgeous! Even Eric complimented me on it and he rarely notices jewelry.

2. Cora loves it. If I have it on, she has got it in her hands or mouth.


1. I thought it would be bigger, but this is by no means any fault of the seller. The listing clearly states the size but my love for chunky items just made me assume it would be huge. So again, this part is my bad, and honestly, I really love the size on my frame.

2. The seller notes that the necklace shouldn't be used as a teether, but Cora constantly has it in her mouth. If she really starts to bite on it, I may switch it out, but I think she enjoys gumming the cool stone for now.

Product: Fabric Knotted Necklace - Yellow with Blue

Seller: Flora Gayle on Etsy


1. The necklace is completely safe for teething and Cora gums it every chance she gets.

2. When not being worn, these make a great chew toy for little ones.


1) The balls are a little bigger than I'd like, but she now offers a petite version of the same necklace if you are interested.

All in all, I'm very happy with both necklaces and glad to be spotring some jewelry again!

Here are a few more I have my eye on. Enjoy!

Nursing Necklace - Carved Shell with Sterling Silver Bead by Moon Dog Farm on Etsy

Nursing Necklace (Bright Tauga Chips and Acaid Beads) by Personal Expression on Etsy

Turquoise Nursing Mama Necklace by Morning Dew 22 on Etsy




Videos from the Catalina Trip

Just a few quick few videos from our trip to Catalina. The first is when we were underway from Avalon Harbor to Isthmus Harbor on Catalina Island. 

This is when Eric and I are walking the tiny strip of land between Isthmus Harbor and Cat(alina) Harbor, hence the name, Two Harbors. Not sure if you can see Mr. Bison in the distance.

Quiet evening moored in Isthmus Harbor.

You can view all of the videos from the trip, and I'm not promising that they're great, on Eric's Youtube page here.


Product Review: The Boppy vs. My Brest Friend

I've now used both of these products extensively during my 3+months of breastfeeding experience. They each have significant pros & cons so I'm going to review them both to share what I know. Let's start with the Boppy!

Product: The Boppy

Nursing pillow with expandable 'miracle middle'


1. The cover is easy to remove and wash.

2. The shape of the pillow makes it useful for multiple purposes. You can prop the baby on her stomach, lay her on it as a headrest (watch out when they are really young that they don't slip into a "C" shape which makes it hard for them to breathe.)

3. The pillow is nice to use as a pillow for adults as well.

4. The Boppy is smaller than My Brest Friend, so it's easier to store on a boat and is easier to take with you.

5. It's easy to rotate the Boppy from side to front so you can do different breastfeeding positions in a jiffy.

6. Can be used as as a sitting aide/crash pad for babies learning to sit up.

7.. It's just too dang cute, and it's fun to say! "Can you pass me the boppy?" BOPPY! I bop you on the head! 

Erm, okay.


1. The pillow is round on the edges, so your baby tends to roll into your chest between you and the pillow.

2. I need to use about four to five supporting pillows to get the height right to use it (in the photos above I was using the Boppy at a friend's house without supporting pillows. Notice how I'm hunched over to reach my breast to her mouth.) At home I have the pillows I need to get the baby up so I'm not too hunched over.

3. The pillow offers no lumbar or back support, so I need a pillow behind my lower back as well as the additional pillows to support her.

4. It's expensive!


Product: My Brest Friend, Deluxe

Nursing pillow with back support and 'silent-release' buckle


1. This pillow is made out of thick foam. It's probably 4-5 inches thick, so it is much thicker than the Boppy.

2. My Brest Friend wraps around your body offering awesome lumbar support.

3. The strap that wraps around your body is easily adjusted to fit you with velcro.

4. The strap also includes a silent buckle to take it off and on without waking your baby if they have fallen asleep.

5. It is flatter and has a wider surface area than the Boppy, this eliminates the problem of the baby rolling into you as they nurse.


1. It's a lot bigger than the Boppy. On a boat, it takes up much more real estate.

2. It is not as accessible to use as a normal pillow for adults or for babies (like propping them up, etc.)

3. It has this weird bag thing on the front. It's advertised as a pocket to hold a water bottle but I move the pillow around so much that I can't imagine keeping anything of value in the pocket.

4. It is really, really hard to get the cover off and on. This is because My Brest Friend is made of foam and anyone who has worked with foam knows how hard it is to cover it. I broke the zipper on the one I'm using, and since my friends are letting me borrow it, I'll either need to replace the zipper or buy a new cover. 

5. I still need to use additional pillows to get Cora to the right height on my chest for nursing, but in the case of My Brest Friend, I only need two additional pillows instead of four, so Eric finally has his lounging pillows back.

6. The name is odd, don't you think? "Can you hand me My Brest Friend?" See, weird.

7. It is also expensive!


Overall, I'm much happier with My Brest Friend than with the Boppy. There are a lot of things I like about the Boppy, but the lumbar support and wide, thick foam of My Brest Friend wins out. If only it were easier to take the cover off and on!

Honestly, in a perfect world I would have both of these, especially because of how multi-functional the Boppy is. There's just not a lot of room on a boat though, so from a purely nursing perspective, My Brest takes the cake.

If you have used either of these two pillows and would like to add anything to the pros & cons list, please leave a comment below and I'll update the list. 

Happy nursing!


How to Make your own Nursing Pads

If you are a nursing mom you probably use breast pads to prevent leakage and protect your sensitive nipples from chafing against your clothes. I go through 3-6 sets of nursing pads a day which quickly adds up financially. Luckily I don't have a lot of problems with leakage, but I frequently apply coconut oil to my nipples to help prevent a topical yeast infection. I don't want the oil to get on my nursing tanks so I made these single layer pads. If you do leak, I would suggest sewing several layers together. There are a ton of helpful guides available on the internet to give you advice on what kind of materials to use.

Step 1:

Get out your husband's tools for studying for his captain's license. Then grab a cloth nursing pad that you already have. Copy the shape with a hand dandy compass. *Important, if you are going to do step 6 below, then make your circle at least an inch longer in diameter than your pattern shape. Creating darts will greatly reduce your surface area.

Step 2: Use up the rest of the notepad you got from the hospital at Cora's birth making as many circles as you want for pads.

Step 3: Eat some chocolate.

Step 4: Use up the rest of the flannel you had to make Cora baby things and instead pin the paper circles to the fabric and get cutting:

Step 5: Repeat step 3!!

Step 6: Actually read up on how to make your own nursing pads and get this handy tip on a way to make a non-flat pad (since you know, boobs aren't flat). Follow the instructions and make pac-man shapes out of all your cloth circles.

Ahem: see step 3 again.

Step 7: Take the triangles from the fabric you just cut and arrange them in pretty shapes on a cloth diaper. Take a picture. It's the right thing to do.

Step 8:

Sew these up. I don't have a serger so I experimented with straight stitches vs zigzag and eventually settled on a nice straight stitch. I thought it would lie better against my skin. Up to you. I wasn't making these to be pretty, just uber functional. 

Step 9: 

Wash them! I use a lingerie bag to wash my nursing pads (along with baby socks and baby washcloths) so they don't become offerings to the laundry gods.

Step 10: Model them for everyone on the internet to see. Be proud of your work and how much money you will now save on nursing pads.

Don't forget to repeat step 3.


This Moment ~ Nursing AND Pumping!

{this moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. If you're inspired to do the same, leave a link to your 'moment' in the comments for all to find and see. 

Have a wonderful weekend!

This Moment is via SouleMama